Come get unholy from October 5-8 in Toronto!

Join us for the sixth edition of An Unholy Harvest, Canada’s only annual weekend event for leatherdykes, trans folks and kinky gals of all bent persuasions. The unholiness awaits you in Toronto from October 5-8, 2012!

What you can expect:

An exciting Friday-night cabaret to kick off the experience. Think high school talent show gone terribly, terribly dirty. (Wanna perform? Send us a note at!)

Three play parties that cap off each night of the weekend in a fully equipped and fully wheelchair-accessible (!) dungeon.

Two days packed with BDSM and kink workshops, both hands-on and theoretical, with skilled presenters from all over Canada.

Special activities to pass the time when you’re not busy making new friends, learning new tricks and getting laid.

A diverse crowd of friendly, kinky queers who are really darned nice! And awfully sexy. We run the gamut from freshly hatched kinkster to leather veteran, so don’t be shy if this is your first time… you won’t be the only one.

Need more convincing? Check out our testimonials page to see what past attendees have said about the event!

Our theme this year is High School Confidential. Welcome to Harvest High—it’s the Homecoming you never had! This year, step into the school gym for a dance and talent show on Friday night to kick off our High School Confidential weekend. No matter who you were then, now you can be the jock, the geek, the librarian, the cheerleader or even the principal. Experience school like it should be: make out under the bleachers, be hot for teacher, or get up to your own risky business. Friday night’s festivities will include prizes for best costumes, so pull out those pompoms and show some school spirit!

**This year, with our move to Toronto, some of our costs have risen unexpectedly, and at too late a date for us to change our registration prices to boost our revenue. So if you’ve got some spare cash you can donate, 2012 is the year we could use it the most! You can donate here or add a few extra dollars to your cart when you register. Every little bit helps.**

Please note registration is now closed for 2012.

This year we’re working hard to make Harvest more accessible to French-speaking pervs from all over Canada. For starters, this website will be fully translated over the summer. Also, if you’re bilingual, you can help at the event itself by providing ad-hoc whisper translation—we’ll even give you a custom-made hanky to flag with! Just check the appropriate box when you register. Read our FAQ question for more info.

In addition to wheelchair-accessible venues, we take a range of other measures to make Harvest more accessible for people with dis/abilities, including people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. If you’re a fast typist and have a laptop, you can help at the event by taking notes for people—and you’ll get a custom hanky, too! Just check the appropriate box when you register. Read our Accessibility page for more information on all this stuff.

An Unholy Harvest is open to women (including trans women) and trans men who respect and honour a women’s play space and who feel they have a place among leatherdykes.

We can’t wait to see you in October!

Your friendly coordinatrixes,

Jacqueline St-Urbain and Andrea Zanin