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10:15-11:45 Opening Plenary

Permission to Feel Satisfied, Sir? – Shahrazad

Our D/s and M/s relationships offer us a smorgasbord of gifts in the form of learning, connection, intimacy, and pleasure, but what happens when we have a hard time taking in the growth and nourishment that they provide? Many of us have internalized shame and guilt about our desire for power exchange, leading us to believe that we do not deserve to experience joy or happiness from living the way we do. If you have been feeling like your personal satisfaction in D/s or M/s is always just beyond your reach, or can’t seem to get off the treadmill of “not good enough” and “not perfect yet”, this workshop will teach you how to stop, relax, and drink deeply from the well of what you have already created.

11:45-12:45 Potluck Lunch + Dump ‘n’ Snatch

As sometimes happens with a community-powered event like Queering Power, we’ve had a little addition to the programme for the day. By popular request, we’ll be having a lunchtime clothing Dump and Snatch!

A swap sounds so… egalitarian. So we’ve decided to take the D and the S aspect of this day seriously: imbalance can be HAWT! Come dump your old stuff and walk away! Or, come snatch as much “new” stuff as you can carry. Or if you’re feeling switchy, okaaaay, you can do both!

Dumpers: Go through your closets, toybags and bookshelves to dig out all the stuff you’re not really using anymore. Bring it in the morning of QP (please – not earlier than that!) and heave it into the swap pile. Remember, this isn’t just about leather and latex. Just about any clothing can be kinky!

Snatchers: Get your hands on other people’s cool castaways! Seriously, folks… we may not be a huge group, but we always produce quality castoffs for ALL gender expressions!

12:45-2:15 Concurrent Sessions

Let’s Talk About Care! Maintaining Power Dynamics with Chronic Pain/Illness – Ness

This workshop will be a facilitated discussion for folks who bottom (and switches who occupy a role on the right side of the slash) within power dynamics who deal with chronic pain or illness, and would like space to discuss how their health has an effect on their role within their dynamic, and how they marry the two. The goal of this discussion is to foster the idea that there is room to be chronically ill as well as a good bottom, and have folks leave with some tips, tricks and tools that they can use in their dynamics. Come with questions and info to share! Chronic pain/illness is self defined, so all bottoms who feel those descriptors apply are welcome.

Second session TBC

2:30-4:30 Concurrent Sessions

Kink for Survivors – Chanelle and Masti Khor

Many people in D/s relationships are also trauma survivors – which is great because D/s can be a place of such healing and power for everyone involved. In this introductory workshop we’re going to take an asset-based, anti-ableist approach to look briefly at how survivor super-powers (like empathy, connection, heightened awareness of our surroundings) can build more authentic, intentional and happy D/s relationships and how survivors (and those who love us) can help build safety, articulate limits and work with triggers. Let’s talk about it!

*Note: “trauma” refers to deeply wounding experiences with long lasting impacts, not only inter-personal abuse/violence.

The Kinky Character: Creating and Inhabiting your Sexual Persona – Jeremy Feist

No person in one singular entity. Within everyone is a multitude of characters and personas which can be tapped into at any given moment. Using techniques and ideas taken from improvisational theatre and basic storytelling, learn how to delve into indulge the multiple facets of your personality, and how to create characters by pulling from your daily life, animals, and pop culture.

4:45-5:45 Closing Plenary

Taste, Power and the Art of Hedonism: A Chocolate Exploration – Andrea Zanin

John Lanchester, in his novel The Debt to Pleasure, wrote of “the application of intelligence to pleasure.” This is the essence of tasting: The process is the pleasure. Of course there are plenty of parallels and intersections with D/s and M/s relationships, from deep present-moment focus to the possibilities for ritual and service. Come learn about the art of tasting – about how to enjoy thinking about a thing as much as doing it, and blending the two together into one hedonistic whole. You’ll be tasting several chocolates  in this session, but the principles apply to any other type of tasting you might enjoy.


A separate small room will be available for the full day for chilling out and quiet reading. Andrea’s substantial collection of books about M/s and D/s will be available for browsing, and paper and pens will be provided in case you want to write down a title or an insight (or draw a picture, or…). Like any library, this area is a SHHHHHH! zone where you can just sit and be for a while. Please take your social conversations outside!



Andrea Zanin co-organizes An Unholy Harvest with Jacqueline, thinks and writes a lot about power dynamics and sexuality, and loves nerding out about books and chocolate. Also shoes.

Chanelle Gallant is an author, organizer, lecturer and trainer with two decades of experience at the intersections of sexuality and transformative political change. For this workshop she is bringing together her experiences as an anti-oppression sexuality expert, a former therapist, a joyful pervert and a trauma survivor. Chanelle has presented her work in Canada, the US and Australia and lives and works in Toronto on the traditional territories of the Mississauga of New Credit First Nation, Huron-Wendat and Haudenesaunee Confederacy. Find her writing at

Jeremy Feist is everyone’s favourite three-time Mr. Leather Toronto loser and one-time kinda-winner. He is a Second City graduate, having studied improv, sketch and stand-up comedy. As Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2016, he hosts New Wave, Home Turf and Kink 101 at the Black Eagle, and works as a sales consultant at Northbound Leather.

Masti Khor is a crip South Asian genderqueer femme trauma survivor dominant-leaning switch artist who has a lifelong obsession with trauma and its impacts on individuals, communities and systems. Masti is a social worker by trade but is much more interested in facilitating spaces to lift up community-based knowledge rather than relying on the state/professionals.

Ness is a Black, queer, nerdy, non-binary (enbee), poly kinkster living with chronic illness. They have been an educator since 2012, and enjoy trying to create and take up space with folks who are underrepresented in the kink community. Among other things, they are most comfortable on the right side of the slash, a lover of rope and leather, endlessly curious, and charmingly awkward.

Shahrazad is an established pro-dominatrix and kink educator as well as the owner and Headmistress of The Ritual Chamber dungeon in Toronto. She is honoured to hold the current titles of International Person of Leather 2016 and Ms. Leather Toronto 2016. Shahrazad is passionate about the potential for personal transformation and spiritual growth inherent in the experience of power exchange and looks very much forward to being able to contribute to Queering Power!