hand on throat

Queering Power is a one-day annual event focused exclusively on the discussion of queer D/s and M/s power dynamics. Each year, Jacqueline and Andrea assemble a fine selection of carefully curated presenters and facilitators and draw together a yummy bunch of pervy queers (ALL genders welcome) for a day of deep reflection, community-building and fun…draising for An Unholy Harvest.

For its first four years, QP took place in Ottawa; in 2017, we moved it to Toronto, and we plan to keep it there in coming years. QP is held in the spring, usually in March or early April.

Each year, we work with a different theme or metaphor and use it to build a program of plenaries and breakout sessions. Our past themes have been Mindfulness (2013), Business Planning (2014), Creativity (2015), Nourishment (2016) and Organized Chaos (2017).

Many thanks to all the volunteers and presenters who donate their time, and to everyone who has taken part in the conversations at Queering Power. Your support, financial and otherwise, makes Harvest possible.

Stay tuned for information about Queering Power 2018!