Meet the Unholy 2013 Presenters

Alex Cafarelli – Toronto, ON

Writing Kink

Alex Cafarelli, a feisty genderqueer femme Jewish Witch, has been involved in the queer BDSM communities of Minneapolis, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Toronto over the last 14 years. A seasoned writer and performer, she is a member of Body Heat: Femme Porn Tour, a touring collective of queer femme artists, and she also performs with Sins Invalid, a San Francisco-based performance project on disability and sexuality. Since 2006, she has studied and collaborated with Jen Cross of Writing Ourselves Whole in the Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) method.

Amazon Syren – Ottawa, ON

Soles, Toes, and Heels: An Erotic Introduction to Feet and Shoes

Amazon Syren is a queer femme poet and pornographer, as well as a long-time foot hedonist and a part-time fetish model. She co-organized Spring Fling 2011, hosts regular “poly and power” salons at her home, and blogs about sex, kink, power, porn, and polyamory at

Beth Tyler – Ottawa, ON

A Stitch in Time: Leather Care and Repair AND Kink and Identity Panel: Leather Titleholders

Beth Tyler holds the title of Ottawa Community Bootblack 2013. Beth is a woman with a trans history who has a passion for leather and her community. She makes her living repairing leather goods and being a perv.

boy Alex D – Toronto, ON

Kink and Identity Panel: Leather Titleholders

As a leatherboy and a bootblack, Alex has been active in the local and international leather community for over 10 years.  Alex’s perspective on the role and dynamics of leather titles comes from holding two local leather titles (Ms. Black Eagle 2002 and BBT 2006), and also from judging contests both locally and internationally (IMsBB, ILSb, ICBB, and BBT).  He is happy to be invited to share his insight with current and potential leather titleholders. Alex is in a leather Sir/boy relationship with Master Jim of Texas.

Cara – Toronto, ON

Risky Business: Risk Management for Kinky Applications

Cara has been enjoying high-energy physical play on both top and bottom sides of the slash for over fifteen years, and has been facilitating play parties for almost that long. She’s also an engineer that manages risks at work, a trained first aider, a modern martial artist, and a fire spinner.

Cassidy – Ottawa, ON

Fucking #GirlsLikeUs

Cassidy is a geeky trans femme from Ottawa. She’s a switchy kitty and loves to cuddle and get scritches. She’d also like you to know that she’s a white, able-bodied settler.

Danny Cass – Toronto, ON

Leather Family: Sharing our Stories and Ideas

Danny is a queer Thing as well as a parent, poet and activist living in small-town Ontario. Danny has been amazed at the deep bonds formed in kink community, and the complex, thoughtful and committed ways people negotiate their relationships. Danny has a breadth of experience with facilitation, ranging from consensus decision-making and strategic planning sessions to spoken word workshops. Currently working as a writer and interviewer, Danny is grateful to have been taken under the wing of their Leather sister, Stella, and privileged to be collared by two members of the rollicking Hell’s Kitchen family.

Eli Campanaro – Toronto, ON

Kink and Identity Panel: Leather Titleholders

Eli is a liminal creature. He is also a feminist, a transmasculine life model, and a trained leatherworker and farrier. In Eli’s free time, he pursues varied interests. These interests include (but are not limited to) embroidery, lifting heavy things, drawing unicorns and spending time with horses. Eli holds the title of Bootblack Toronto 2007.

Helena Swann – Montreal, QC (via California)

Safe, Insane and Consensual

Helena Swann is a Californian queer femme ladybro princess who’s white, borderline and bottomy. She works at a little non-profit in Montreal where she facilitates volunteer trainings and collective processes. She also teaches body positive yoga for queer and trans people, and believes that body awareness is an essential component of mental health. Helena is a nonstop (over)thinker. Her current musings revolve around harm reduction and kink in sex ed for youth and how “practice” is a useful approach to just about everything. She writes about polyamory, gender, mental health, embodiment and kink at

K – Toronto, ON

Not Just Needles: Incorporating Piercing into Other Play

K knew something weird was up when she realized in the middle of her body piercing apprenticeship that she liked getting pierced (and piercing!) more than getting the hardware. A decade later, she’s still putting holes in pretty much anyone who will let her. She is professionally trained and has been incorporating needles into her kink and play for over 10 years.

Karen B. K. Chan – Toronto, ON

Consent and Context: Negotiating Consent

Karen B. K. Chan has been a sex educator for 15-plus years. Karen’s work is anchored in emotional literacy and honest, real and relevant sexual information. Themes of her work include the re-imagination of sex and desire, play and playfulness, and the role of nuance, obscurity and contradiction within sexuality. Through playful, safe and honest engagement, Karen facilitates learning, curiosity and transformation, and challenges her audience to become a little more of the person they want to be.

Kota HeartOn – Montreal, QC (via Saskatchewan)

Safe, Insane and Consensual

Kota HeartOn is a prairie-grown tenderqueer who calls Montreal home. They are (finally) nearing the end of a crazy-making undergraduate degree in psychology, where they mostly found out what not to do. She has, however, learned a few things about craziness and mental health through personal experience, mindfulness practice, reading and listening. Kota has many years of experience as a facilitator and peer-support person, and is very new to kink community. They spend a lot of time thinking about relationships, healing and communication. She likes to work with her hands.

Lisa – Peterborough, ON

Fucking #GirlsLikeUs

Lisa is a switchy trans dyke with ties to Ottawa and Peterborough. While an experienced presenter in the areas of trans and queer advocacy, this will be her first time presenting in a kinky context, so go easy on her. I mean, unless you’ve negotiated otherwise. 😉

Luca – Toronto, ON

Addicted to “Crack”: The Joy of Single-Tails!

Luca is a queer transwoman and proud Leather dyke. As a puppy / dog, she is forever indebted and devoted to her beloved Owners T’Hayla and Gillian. An admitted power-exchange junkie and greedy switch with a Dominant / Daddy side, Luca apparently “drank the Kool-Aid” of authority-based relationships something bad. She treasures the energy exchange of a single-tail scene with a hard masochist, and also loves cracking her 6-foot and 8-foot bullwhips outside in the sun. Still very much a beginner with single-tails, Luca has learned enough after a few years of practice to understand just how very little she knows.

Master ASLAN – Toronto, ON

Daddy Dominants: Breaking the taboo of age play.

Master ASLAN, aka Carrie Gray, ASLAN Leather owner and lifestyle player, brings a wealth of experience to workshops. Carrie is a passionate advocate of BDSM as a self-empowering form of sexual, psychological and physical play. A lifestyle Daddy and Master he enjoys the discoveries that come from pushing the psychological and physical boundaries of top and bottom space through role play, the intimate power of spanking and the beautiful submission and control of bondage. He believes that play is an ongoing growth process and is always ready to share his skills and experience with others. With warm guidance and humour, Carrie encourages participants to explore their desires. Carrie has presented at Dark Odyssey Winterfire and Summer Camp, The Floating World and Queer Play Con and presents a number of classes through Good For Her and independently at

Lady Pearl – Ottawa, ON

Rope Bondage 102: The Beauty and the Function

Based in Ottawa, Lady Pearl is a friendly and open-minded control freak who has been exploring her kinks as both top and bottom for the past five years. Enthusiastic about erotic rope bondage, knowledge-seeking, and all things Leather/BDSM, she has been organizing fetish events, educational opportunities and social gatherings almost right from the moment she escaped from the closet. Dominant/owner of naked dave, Lady Pearl currently practices power exchange, light humiliation play and CBT. She can be found at various events volunteering (MLO, Sexapalooza, Spring Fling, Unholy Harvest, KapitalKink), hosting (BondageBonanza, MOSH, Kinky Chinese New Year) and perving/playing.

Patty – Toronto, ON

Kink and Identity Panel: Leather Titleholders

Born and raised in upstate NY, Patty has been happily transplanted in Toronto for seven years, where she lives with her super-hot wife. Now a dual Canadian-US citizen, Patty is a poly kinky switch who enjoys giving as much as she enjoys getting. Patty has been involved in the Leather community for over 13 years. She is a board member of the So You Want to Be Kinky educational series, 2012 winner of the Heart of the Flag Federation Volunteer of the Year Award, a member of the Vajra Leather Family and Mama’s Family (Mama’s Canadian Uncle Patty), and is Ms. Leather Toronto 2014.

Ponygirl Bixy – Ottawa, ON

Pony Play 101 AND Kink and Identity Panel: Leather Titleholders

As North American Pony 2014, Ponygirl Bixy is passionate about bringing the pleasures of pony play to Leather and kinky folk. Bixy counts amongst her experiences Ms. National Capital Leather Pride 2012, Grand Champion at the Brimstone III Pony Show, and being the founder of the Ottawa Pony and Critter Club. She has been active in pony play for the past two years and has presented a variety of workshops on pony play. Outside the stable, Bixy enjoys some of her favourite pastimes and kinks: volunteering, playing in the arena, and doing needle play and rough body play.

Roryboy – Toronto, ON

Part-Time D/s: Building Skills for Part-Time Relationships

Roryboy has been practising BDSM and has been involved with Toronto’s leather communities for several years. Growing up, he loved the idea of service and making others proud of his efforts. It wasn’t until years later that he realized that the root of his service (and other desires) was kink and leather. Through this workshop, he hopes to create an intentional space where personal experiences around D/s can be shared in a safe and supportive way. He firmly believes that witnessing other narratives can help facilitate personal growth, the healing of emotional wounds and skills for future relationships.

Sarah Pie – Toronto, ON

Risky Business: Risk Management for Kinky Applications

Sarah Pie is a Toronto-based leatherdyke and current co-Chair of the So You Want To Be Kinky educational series. She has identified as kinky for twenty years and has picked up some hot tricks and hard-earned wisdom along the way. She serves her community as a playspace monitor, chief DM, mentor and educator, and is honoured to have been pinned into the Vajra and Mama’s leather families. In her day job as an engineer she thinks about risk on a daily basis, and has come to understand that it’s actually a hidden pervertible.

Stella S. – Toronto, ON

Leather Family: Sharing our Stories and Ideas

Stella is a queer femme domme academic. Lately she’s been interested in developing (and giving back to) community, creating and maintaining queer and kinky family, and mentoring, learning and skill-sharing. Stella is a PhD student who has presented her research at events and conferences. She is proud to call Danny her sibthing and is thrilled to be working on the anthology How I Met My Brother (and Other Relatives): Stories and Reflections on Leather Family with them.

Susan – Milton (Darkest Suburbia), ON

Circle Time for Kinky Health and Mental Health Care Workers

Susan is a psychotherapist living and practicing in Darkest Suburbia. Her practice encompasses clients ranging from the most delicate vanilla to triple-chocolate-fudge-with-a-caramel-ribbon kinky. She is a person of multifaceted, constantly shifting identities that range about the same breadth as her clients. A rebel and theory fetishist at heart, she has been a faithful devotee of Harvest and all it can offer for seven years. What better place to get off on brains and beauty at the same time?

Tania Hernández – Montreal, QC

Breath-Induced and Minimum-Contact Orgasms: The Sceptic’s View

Tania Hernández is an amateur gymnast and a software engineer. She has been enjoying breath orgasms since 2006. Her current workout schedule includes nine hours of gymnastics a week and a daily buzz with the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Tarna – Toronto, ON

Kink and Identity Panel: Leather Titleholders

Not only is she proudly Canadian, Tarna is a queer feminine switch, book and cigar whore, foodie, proud regional and international wuzzie, bootblack and sick f$%^. She has been active within the pansexual, queer and leather communities for most of her adult life, often found running amok, hands filthy with polish as she gleefully works on the latest pair of boots to land in her lap, or eagerly sharing what she has learned with the curious. Her most recent adventures have brought her wonderful opportunities to meet and get to know some incredible folks throughout North America. It was through these moments shared that she earned the honours of being the Firkin Bootblack 2011, Bootblack Toronto 2012 and International Ms. Bootblack 2012, as well as being brought into Mama’s Family as Mama’s Canadian Tarna and named a friend of the Vajra Family.

Youkali Youkali – Toronto, ON

What It Is that We Are: Leather and Kinky Identities AND Kink and Identity Panel: Leather Titleholders

Youkali Youkali (Ms. Leather Toronto 2013) is a literature professor, creative scholar, kinky science-fiction writer and girly leatherdyke. Born and raised in Montreal, she has been happily living in the GTA for the last decade. You may have met her at various Canadian and international leather events (An Unholy Harvest, Spring Fling, Tease, the Berlin International BDSM Conference for Women/Lesbians/Trans*, International Ms. Leather). She has given talks and facilitated workshops on topics including pain, language and play, and erotic writing, and she has also been known to enthusiastically volunteer as a demo bottom. D/s, with her as the “s” component, is her drive. She is a black hanky girl at heart.