Unholy Harvest Registration

Registration will open August 2017 for Unholy Harvest.  Check back then! 

Registration fees

Registration fees for An Unholy Harvest are structured to help make sure that people from a broad range of income levels can attend. We work on the honour system.  Three prices are available: our regular price of $130, a Harvest Helper price of $170 for those who can afford to kick in a little more to help us out, and a limited number of discount-price spots ($90) for people who can’t afford the regular price. Discount spots are limited, and are intended for people who are un- or under-employed, students, or otherwise financially challenged. Please register at the price that best matches what you can afford.

If you are a confirmed volunteer or presenter, you are entitled to a 50% discount on regular price, so $65. If you’re financially comfortable and want to pay a higher rate anyway, your extra money will go directly to helping create more scholarships for community members who need them.

If you are a confirmed scholarship recipient, your registration is free.

To register online

1. Please fill out our online registration form below.

2. You will then be directed to the payment page through Pay Pal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For registration to be valid, payment must be received immediately upon submission of this form. If you do not provide payment at the time of registration, you are not registered for An Unholy Harvest and no spot will held for you. (Remember, we sell out every year.) There are two exceptions to this rule: 1) if you have made PRIOR arrangements in writing with one of the organizers or 2) if you are a confirmed scholarship recipient.

If online registration is not possible for you…

Arrangements can be made for registration by snail mail using a certified cheque. E-mail us at unholyharvest@yahoo.ca to work out the details. Please note that we will only accept certified cheques for mail registration. Regular personal cheques will be refused.

Please also note that outside highly exceptional cases, your friendly organizers are not able to make appointments to take in-person payments.