Travel Fund


About the travel fund

In an effort to make sure that An Unholy Harvest is accessible to people from a range of economic circumstances, we established a scholarship program in 2008. In 2011, we added a travel fund to our scholarship roster in order to facilitate access for Canadian participants living and traveling from outside the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto corridor.*

How do I apply?

Fill out the travel fund application form below.

How can I help the travel fund?

If you would like to donate to the travel fund, please e-mail us at to inquire, or make a donation through PayPal.

Travel fund details

Applications are confidential and accepted on an ongoing basis until all funds have been

Travel fund scholarships for An Unholy Harvest cover up to 50% of travel costs. The number and amount of the awards are TBC based on availability of funds—updates will be posted here.

We function at least partly on an honour system; we expect that applicants will make every effort to travel by the least expensive means possible and to share travel costs (for example, ridesharing) if at all possible, with the understanding that cost-reduction efforts on your part will help us distribute funds to as many people as possible who need assistance. With this in mind, we will compensate award recipients for up to 50% of an economy-class flight, train or bus ticket, or up to 50% of gas money should the applicant be driving.

Travel fund awards will be paid out to confirmed award recipients upon submission of gas or ticket receipts in person to Jacqueline or Andrea on the Unholy Harvest weekend. (Copies are acceptable.) It is the recipient’s responsibility to contact us by e-mail at to make arrangements to meet with one of us during the weekend at a mutually convenient time and location in order to ensure the confidentiality of this transaction.

* If you live within the Montreal/Ottawa/Toronto corridor and are looking to make affordable travel arrangements, we encourage you to register for the event and arrange a rideshare through the event yahoo group. The bulk of our participants come from these three cities and many of them are able to offer a rideshare in return for shared gas costs. Alternately, and offer inexpensive bus tickets, VIA Rail regularly offers half- price discounts on tickets, and inexpensive flights are often available via Air Canada and Porter Airlines.

Stay tuned for our 2017 travel fund application.