An Unholy Harvest Scholarship Program

To help make An Unholy Harvest accessible to people from a range of income levels, we set up a scholarship program in 2008. A minimum of four people will be awarded a scholarship, which covers the full registration cost for An Unholy Harvest. Extra scholarships may be available depending on participant donations.

Since 2017, we also have two additional scholarship spots specifically intended for Black, Indigenous and POC attendees. The Daddy Orchid Scholarship is established in honour of the late Daddy Orchid by her two beloved partners, Jess and Liz. In their words:

“Daddy Orchid (Drea) was a beloved part of the Unholy Harvest family for a decade. She enriched the community with her generosity, her gift with words, her caring, and her quiet yet powerful presence. Whether at a play party, a workshop, an erotica reading, or talking one on one, she made an impact on every life she touched. 

We were heartbroken to lose her suddenly in April 2017, shortly after she finished her PhD, and entirely too early. This scholarship honours her memory by paying forward her generosity to future Harvest participants.”

How do I apply?

Fill out the scholarship application form. There is no deadline; scholarship applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until registration sells out. However, scholarships are awarded as applications come in, so your chances of getting one are better if you apply early.

What will my scholarship cover?

Scholarships only cover the cost of conference registration. All other costs such as travel, hotel and food must be assumed by the attendee. We encourage scholarship recipients (like other attendees) to try to arrange for ride-shares, community housing or room-shares with fellow attendees.

If you are a Canadian participant living outside the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto corridor, and are in financial need, you are eligible for our travel fund. Check out our travel fund page for details.

When will I know if get a scholarship?

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until all scholarships have been awarded. We are not responsible for technical glitches or lost applications. If you are concerned that we haven’t received your application, send us an email at unholyharvest at yahoo dot ca. We will inform applicants of their status within two weeks of receiving their application.

 Who will know I got a scholarship?

Three people will know about your application: the three conference organizers, Jacqueline St-Urbain, Love Monkey and The Courier. In every other respect, you will be registered and participate as any other conference attendee. Your application information and status will not be disclosed and it will not be visible to our registration volunteers.

How can I help the scholarship program?

If donors wish to cover other expenses for scholarship recipients, such as travel, hotel, or a food stipend, we welcome those contributions. You can make a donation through PayPal when registering to attend Harvest and earmark it for the scholarship fund, or e-mail us at unholyharvest at yahoo dot ca to inquire about other ways to donate.

Unholy Harvest Scholarship Application

  • Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis until all scholarships are awarded. Please read the entire Scholarships section before applying to ensure that you are eligible. Ineligible applications will not be accepted. Scholarships for An Unholy Harvest cover the cost of event registration only. If you live outside the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto corridor and are interested in applying for travel assistance, please fill out the Travel Fund Application Form as well.
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