Calling all presenters!

Our call for presenters for Harvest 2017 is now open! We still have some slots! If this form is still up, you can still apply and we will respond within a week.

Every year, the Unholy Harvest workshops program is sourced entirely from our participants, so it reflects what you bring to it – and every year it’s different. We welcome first-time presenters and old hands alike! Don’t be shy to inquire if you need help or support.  Just send us a note at or mention it in your presentation proposal form when you submit it.

Here’s some info to help you prepare your presentation proposal…

  • The Harvest crowd tends to be very participation-oriented. Instead of a talk-heavy, presenter-focused session, think about inviting participants to share skills, talk to each other, or enjoy hands-on practice time after you show them the ropes.
  • We structure our workshops program along three informal tracks: basic SM play and sex techniques; more advanced, edgy or specialized play techniques; and “thinky” topics that have to do with relationships, power exchange, identity, self-expression and so forth. (Helpful hint: we often get too few proposals for the basic play track!)
  • Workshop slots are 90 minutes long and may include demos. Visual aids (film projector, whiteboard, etc.) and dungeon equipment are available but must be reserved ahead.

We especially encourage submissions from Black people, Indigenous people, people of colour, trans women and people with disabilities, and from residents of the Prairies, the Atlantic provinces and the Territories. While presenters from outside Canada are welcome to submit proposals, we will give first priority to Canadian presenters.

Remember, we’re a 100% volunteer-run and not-for-profit event; our volunteer presenters are entitled to the same discount as other volunteers, but receive no other compensation. Harvest is not a place where a celebrity culture is encouraged, so you don’t have to be “kink-famous” to present a workshop with us, and we don’t bring in keynote speakers.


Presentation Proposal

  • Note that should your proposal be accepted, we reserve the right to edit for style, length and clarity. Any substantial changes will be checked with you first.