Meet the 2014 Presenters

Akio Maroon – Toronto, ON

Anti-Racism in Kink Communities

Akio is a dedicated single mother, an occupational and environmental health and safety consultant, an educator, and an international human rights advocate who speaks on the topics of pan-African liberation, equality, workers’ and sex professionals’ rights, social justice organizing and several other global human rights initiatives. Akio Maroon is the founding director of the Toronto Childcare Collective (TCC), an organization that supports the participation of parents in racial socioeconomic and justice work. Akio is also the founder of Grind Toronto, Toronto’s only sex-positive movement for Black and Indigenous folks and People of Colour that celebrates safer sex and promotes consent culture.


Alex Cafarelli – Toronto, ON

Sacred Work and Play: BDSM as a Tool for Healing, Connection and Ritual

Alex Cafarelli, a feisty genderqueer femme Jewish Witch, has been involved in the queer BDSM communities of Minneapolis, the Bay Area, and Toronto over the last 15 years. Loosely affiliated with Reclaiming, she has been practicing Magick since the mid-90s. A seasoned writer and performer, she is a member of Body Heat: Femme Porn Tour and Sins Invalid, a performance project on disability and sexuality. Alex holds space for audiences across North America to heal the split of sex and spirit with the transformative tools of kink. She has been leading workshops on ritual BDSM since 2003.


Ariel Fatale – Ottawa, ON

The Feminist Submissive: A Contradiction in Terms?

Ariel Fatale (QueerFemmeFatale on Fetlife) discovered feminism first, followed by a glorious 15 years of queerness. Her explorations in kink are more recent, but feel like a perfect fit already. She is a writer and activist by day and identifies as a smart-assed heavy bottom with the occasional inclination to switch. Find her at @ArielFatale on Twitter.

Bootblackgirl Susy – Toronto, ON

Oh My, Your Kit Is So Big! A Bootblack CoLab

Bootblackgirl Susy, Central Canada Community Bootblack (CCCB) 2014, loves boots and leather and loves to see them shine. Susy began blacking in 2008. After winning the Church Street Fetish Fair Bootblack 2009 title, she began educating folks about the joys of bootblacking. It is important to her that everyone feels comfortable, confident and welcome in the world of leather. Susy sat on the RE:Boot organizing committee 2011, an event where bootblacks across North America came together to discuss, network and skillshare. She was a judge for the Great Lakes Bootblack Competition 2012 and has helped to raise thousands of dollars for numerous charities through bootblacking. She has travelled to various international events to learn more about her Leather community. Shining is in Susy’s blood and in her sole; bootblack is part of her identity.


Carly Bee – Toronto, ON

Communication and Negotiation Skillshare for Shy Perverts, Introverts, and the Otherwise Socially or Courageously Challenged

Carly is a femme witch introvert. She flags purple on the right and likes negotiating over the internet where she can blush freely.


Cassidy – Ottawa

A Discussion with #GirlsLikeUs

Cassidy is a bossy femme from Ottawa, in service to Beth. She’s a switchy bitch and has a love for canes. She’d also like you to know that she’s a white, able-bodied settler.


Chanelle – Toronto, ON

Anti-Racism in Kink Communities

Chanelle is a political kinkster, community organizer, a switchy femme top and educator. A white settler of european heritage with a taste for radical politics, magic and healing, she has been teaching anti-racism workshops for many years and is always learning more about how to be responsible to current and historic imperialism, colonialism and white supremacy and their intersections.


Fraulein – Toronto, ON

All The Way Down: Erotic Hypnosis 101

Fraulein has been in the community for 10 years, sometimes enjoying the backseat(bebe) and sometimes fully enjoying the deep dark waters of kink. She has been lucky enough to attend many BDSM conferences, workshops, discussions, munches, camps, and more all over North America. For the last year and half she has been co-hosting a monthly queer-friendly erotic hypnosis social.


Gina Hunting – Seattle, WA

Rough Handling with Rope

Gina Hunting has been a member of the pansexual, women’s and Queer leather community since the mid ‘90s. She is a sadist, top and dominant with a love for knives, rope, rough play and blood. She is committed to building the kink community as a party organizer, a conference organizer, and a kink educator. She volunteers at the Lambert House, a safe place for queer youth in Seattle. She is an avid motorcyclist.


Jacky – Montreal, QC

Bringing Down the House, Kinky Style: Using Theatrics to Get Comfortable with Role Play

Jacky is a Two-Spirit, queer, genderblended, and non-monogamous trans* guy living in Montreal, or Tiohtiá:ke, which is situated on traditional Haudenosaunee territories. Among other things, he’s a switch with D-type tendencies and a fan of role-play, on and off stage! His on-stage play has ranged from elementary and high school plays to amateur community theatre to drag/neo-burlesque/genderfuck stripping with the drag troupe they co-founded, the Dukes of Drag. He’s even performed two radically different incarnations of Jesus! Jacky’s forte is absurdity but there is often a deep meaning to the wackiness.


Jenn Lion – Toronto, ON

Communication and Negotiation Skillshare for Shy Perverts, Introverts, and the Otherwise Socially or Courageously Challenged

Jenn is a lion who is also a mermaid. Jenn is a loud shy extrovert, and no, that is not a contradiction in terms. She is a Toronto transplant from New Brunswick who has learned ways to make awkwardness charming.


Laura K – Toronto, ON

Penetrating the Void: Intro to Ass Play

Laura enjoys hard sex. She has been exploring the BDSM since 2006, but prior to that was highly curious about the body’s orifices and the many ways to penetrate them. Laura enjoys the in-between space of being a switch, she identifies as a queer pervert tomboy-femme. She has taught workshops previously at Unholy Harvest and classes on role play and sexual dominance at Good For Her (Toronto).


Toby’s girl – Toronto, ON

Building a Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Kinky Desire

lh is a disabled pervert that lives with chronic pain. she is a bottom, a masochist, and the devoted submissive to a loving Dominant. she is a community organizer and educator who teaches and practices many forms of magick and activism to transform the world and resist capitalism and colonialism. Working collectively with her community to build the spaces, families and skills that value love, transformation and accountability, Toby’s girl spends a lot of her time giving care and sharing and learning from other crip geniuses.


Leanne – Toronto, ON

Sacred Work and Play: BDSM as a Tool for Healing, Connection and Ritual

Bio forthcoming


Lisa – Peterborough, ON

A Discussion with #GirlsLikeUs

Lisa is a switchy trans dyke who lives in Peterborough. After her interest in kink made its way to her conscious mind through reading erotica, she had her first partnered kinky experiences at Harvest two years ago. An experienced presenter in the areas of trans and queer advocacy, she got her feet wet presenting in kinky spaces at last year’s Harvest. Harvest has a pretty special place in her heart, and she’s delighted that this year she’s getting the chance to follow up on last year’s workshop.


Liza and Jody – San Francisco, CA

Masters of the Female Persuasion (and Those Who Serve Them): Emerging from the Shadows

Liza and her slave, Jody, International Master and slave 2011, have been living in a committed M/s relationship for over a decade. Liza came to power at Woodstock and has been kinky ever since. In 2002, Liza moved to San Francisco and jumped into the leather community with both boots. After leaving the military in 1980, Jody came out as a leatherdyke and slave. Shortly thereafter she founded Leather and Lace, Los Angeles’ first women’s leather club. In 2000, Jody moved to San Francisco and became Liza’s slave two years later. They recently moved to Portland where they are regulars at MAsT: Portland and the Bad Girls. Liza and her slave teach extensively in the US and also abroad, on a variety of topics related to nurturing and sustaining long-term M/s relationships filled with heat, sex, deep intimacy and fun. Having received numerous awards, the most meaningful to them is having been recognized as Presenters of the Year by MAsT International. Liza and Jody are the producers of the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest and the Master/slave Retreat. They have both served as representatives to the Bay Area Leather Alliance and on the steering committees or as officers of several organizations: Leather Levi Weekend, Leather Alley at Pride, the Exiles (women’s BDSM group) and the Bears of San Francisco. They are proud members of Mama’s Family.


Luca – Toronto, ON

Single-tail Whips Beyond the Dungeon: Gladiator Games

Luca is a queer transwoman and proud Leather dyke, and is very honoured to be the current Ms Leather Toronto titleholder for 2015. An admitted power-exchange junkie, Luca is both Daddy/Owner to bex and student to Master T’Hayla Ferguson; both relationships enrich her understanding of power dynamics. She enjoys the energy exchange of a single-tail scene with a hard masochist almost as much as she treasures a quiet moment of service from Her girl. Also a long-time motorcyclist and proud member of the Toronto Amazons MC, Luca thinks that nothing goes better with a pair of Wescos than a motorcycle. Luca is honoured to be once again facilitating a workshop at Harvest.


Mistress Syd – Toronto, ON

Single-tail Whips Beyond the Dungeon: Gladiator Games

Mistress Syd has been using and teaching single-tails for 25 years. She learned from two of the best professionals in North America.



Nairne Holtz – Toronto, ON
The Art of a Steamy Story or How Do You Get Someone Who Isn’t Your Girlfriend to Read Your Erotic Fantasy?
Nairne Holtz is a librarian and author of two books: This One’s Going to Last Forever (Insomniac, 2009), a Lambda Literary Award finalist, and The Skin Beneath (Insomniac, 2007), which was shortlisted for Quebec’s McAuslan Prize. She is working on a new novel.

Ravensred – Ottawa, ON

Mentor or Tormentor? How to Find (or Become) a Good Mentor

Ravensred has been involved in the kink community for over a decade. She has been a mentor for a number of people during that time within the community. Her background in mediation, counseling, alternate dispute resolution and negotiation has helped her hone her abilities as a switch and as a caring, relentless top. She has been an avid attendee of Harvest as well as a number of other events including MLO, MLV and Brimstone.


Robin Radiance – Montreal, QC

Chest Harnesses for Any Body

Robin has been playing with rope for over 10 years as both a top and a bottom. More of a rope slut than “rope expert,” she’s most likely to just grab some rope and see what happens. In January 2014, she started the Montreal chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches, a group for female-identified rope tops. When knot doing kinky stuff, she likes to go rock climbing, biking and watching Gen 1 Transformers. She’s also an active member of the Montreal Burning Man community, and has been known to organize Metro parties and Underground City scavenger hunts.


Sarah Pie – Toronto, ON

Play, Flow and Ritual

Sarah Pie is a Toronto-based leatherdyke and co-facilitator of the rituals at the 2014 WomynSpirit Festival. She has identified as kinky for more twenty years and witchy for more than fifteen and loves to mix “Work” and play with like-minded people. She serves her various communities as a mentor and educator, and occasionally as Priestess or Chief DM. She is honoured to have been pinned into the Vajra and Mama’s leather families.


Susan – Toronto-ish, ON

Play, Flow and Ritual AND Kinky Health and Social Service Practitioner’s Caucus

Susan is a therapist, writer, presenter and educator who has her fingers, toes and other body parts in all sorts of communities around Ontario. She’s a leatherdyke, a suburban mom, a persistent almost-athlete and an eternal academic. She loves to drag a little bit of every part of her into these disparate worlds. She’s also a theory fetishist, so nothing makes her happier than talking about identity, politics, kink and sex all at the same time.


Tanya a.k.a. Mistress Mommy – Toronto, ON
Kink and Identity Panel: Mommy Knows Best
Tanya, a.k.a. MistressMommy, publicly came into the lifestyle via a group of leatherdykes in Ft. Lauderdale in 1996. She’s used the concept of mommy in play and in some relationships since 2005. Tanya has also had her own mommy for the past few years. Mommy-style play varies depending on her partner, and isn’t present in all her relationships by any means. At the same time, her general nurturing/caretaking nature has led to many in New Orleans kink community calling her mommy. Tanya’s motto is “Mistress makes it hurt and Mommy makes it better.”


T’Hayla – Toronto, ON

Making It Last: Permanent Marks

Master T’Hayla Ferguson has been teaching kink for more than 20 years and often explores from Her perspective as a leather Master, a happy sadist, a power exchange player and a spiritual seeker. She has presented at many BDSM events in Canada and the US and will be teaching at the upcoming South West Leather Conference in Phoenix in January 2015. She is pursuing her graduate training in Toronto as a Kink Aware Gestalt Therapist, is a board member for the Heart of the Flag Federation (Toronto Leather Pride) and has recently joined the Vajra Leather Family and Mama’s Family.


Toby – Toronto, ON

Penetrating the Void: Intro to Ass Play

Toby is a lover of everything anal. Even long before identifying as kinky, he began working through the thick shame surrounding anal sex, to embrace the profound joy, intimacy and pleasure that an ass can bring. He is a top, a Dominant, a Daddy, and the proud owner of a brilliant femme sub and a sassy transfag (who are both anal sluts). Toby is also PhD student, activist and filmmaker whose research interests include queerness, perversions and feminist art. He is a white able-bodied settler, and a genderqueer transman who grew up rural and working-class.