All The Way Down: Erotic Hypnosis 101 – Fraulein

Beginner/no experience required

Erotic hypnosis opens the door to our kinky subconscious. Behind it you can explore the many safe and consensual ways to awaken or surrender to a (new to some) fetish called trancing. This intro class will cover basics (safety, ethics, what is hypnosis, hypnosis in kink, etc.) and will unfold the mysteries of hypnosis with trancing practice.


Anti-Racism in Kink Communities – Akio Maroon and Chanelle

Intermediate/some experience required

We all want the hottest, most joyous play possible—but what about when racist and colonialist stereotypes and behaviour divide us from each other and push Black, Indigenous and POC kinksters out of community? Everyone loses when white privilege, oppression and power (the non-consensual kind) play out in our relationships. How can we create racially informed, safe, hot, and *consensual* ways of playing and being in an inclusive community? We will share specific examples of ways that racism and colonialism show up in kink communities and concrete ways that we can resist and transform these oppressions. This is not a workshop where we will debate the existence of racism or colonialism or its impacts. This workshop is multi-racial and open to all. We will centre the voices of Black, Indigenous and POC participants present.


The Art of a Steamy Story or How Do You Get Someone Who Isn’t Your Girlfriend to Read Your Erotic Fantasy? – Nairne Holtz
All levels
This workshop explores techniques for drawing readers into a narrative and holding their attention. Topics include developing hot themes, writing effective dialogue, creating characters beyond stock type, editing a first draft, and publishing a finished piece. Designed for those who wish to write for either personal or professional reasons.

Bringing Down the House, Kinky Style: Using Theatrics to Get Comfortable with Role Play – Jacky

All levels

Many people interested in role play give up because of awkwardness. It can be awkward to try to stick to a script, or to act in a way that feels “out of character,” especially with people who know us! This highly interactive workshop will focus on applying stage performance techniques to BDSM role play to help people deal with these challenges. We will explore tools that help individuals focus on who they want to be, or on what aspects of themselves they want to focus on in role play without having to adhere to set scripts or set personas. The goal is to help participants engage in role play with confidence so that all the weird, sexy and sordid tales they’ve been longing to experience can come to life! Bring that heavenly or hellish prop you’ve always wanted to use in a role play scene—you will use it!


Building a Relationship between Chronic Pain and Kinky Desire – Toby’s girl

Intermediate/some experience required

This is a facilitated discussion for self-identified individuals who experience chronic pain. Come explore your relationship to chronic pain and your kinky self! Let’s find each other, and share space to talk through some of the complications and considerations that those of us with chronic pain sit with as we negotiate our power exchanges, scenes and relationships. Does giving or receiving pain help with your pain? What is your relationship to your desire to give and/or receive pain, while living in pain? How do you negotiate scenes? What does a pain scale mean in kink when you live with excruciating pain all the time? How does the energy it takes to live with chronic pain affect the amount of play, the length of play and the kind of play we can do? These are some of the questions we can explore—or any other topic that the folks who come together are interested in!


Chest Harnesses for Any Body – Robin Radiance

Beginner/no experience required

In this class you will learn some upper body harnesses, keeping in mind different body types and limitations. This is a class that will show that it can be easy to tie something beautiful, elegant and functional. In addition, you’ll learn variations on ties depending on the needs of the bottom. No need to know complicated knots, you just need to know how to tie your shoes. Participants are encouraged to bring their own rope (3-4 lengths of 30 feet). There will be a limited amount on hand.


Communication and Negotiation Skillshare for Shy Perverts, Introverts, and the Otherwise Socially or Courageously Challenged – Jenn Lion and Carly Bee

Beginner/no experience required

If the thought of approaching another person and asking to play/make-out/fuck causes your words to get stuck and your brain to go numb, you are not alone. Or maybe you landed the date (!!), but aren’t feeling so confident about asking for the things you want or explaining your boundaries? Filled with tried, tested and true tactics of timid talkers, this workshop is facilitated by two self-professed shy queers who hope you’ll walk away feeling ready to profess your desires! We are two bottoms, but all sorts of folks are welcome! Folks new to the scene or seasoned shy humans are all welcome to come learn from each others’ brilliance. You will be (gently) encouraged to share what has worked for you and what has failed miserably, and set some goals for yourself to push out of your flirting comfort zone.


A Discussion with #GirlsLikeUs – Cassidy and Lisa

All levels

Join us for a frank and open group discussion on sex, life and political existence with trans women and trans female non-binary people. This facilitated discussion will be a sequel to last year’s workshop, Fucking #GirlsLikeUs. As with last year, this is not a closed group—we invite people of all genders to participate. We’re far from being ultimate experts; that’s why we need your voice at the table. Come share your experiences, and ask your questions. We hope to see you there. We assume that attendees will already have a grasp of trans 101 and that the word “cis” is a part of their vocabulary.
The Feminist Submissive: A Contradiction in Terms? – Ariel Fatale

Beginner/no experience required

Do you identify as a feminist and also as a submissive or bottom? How do you reconcile your political ideals of equality with the desire to submit sexually? Do you find that your desires contradict your politics? In 2008, Stacey May Fowles wrote an essay titled “The Fantasy of Acceptable ‘Non-Consent’: Why the Female Sexual Submissive Scares Us (and Why She Shouldn’t).” She says, “it’s pretty evident that the feminist movement at large is not really ready to admit that women who like to be hit, choked, tied up and humiliated are empowered.” This workshop will be a guided conversation about the ways that our sexual fantasies and practices may either contradict or reinforce our feminist ideals. The goal is to contextualize our kink practices within a larger conversation about ending slut shaming and promoting a culture of radical, enthusiastic consent—both within the BDSM community and beyond.
Making It Last: Permanent Marks – Sir T’Hayla

There’s nothing wrong with getting tattooed, but what other options do we have for making permanent marks on ourselves and the people in our kinky lives? How can we make those marks ourselves, without going to a pro? Beyond the technical aspects, what does it mean to mark ourselves or someone else permanently? What questions do we need to consider before taking this step, and how do we frame the experience so that its intention is clear and its effects are what we’re aiming for? This workshop will cover the basic principles of permanent marking, specifically with cutting implements and branding implements, while also noting other options not covered in detail. We’ll discuss safety, of course, to give you an understanding of how to make permanent marks on purpose and avoid making them by accident. But the focus will not be on fine-tuning your technique. Come instead for a thoughtful, holistic discussion of process and its results.

Masters of the Female Persuasion (and Those Who Serve Them): Emerging from the Shadows – Liza and Jody

All levels

Do you sometimes feel as if the images you see don’t feel like you? Join Liza and her slave, Jody (International Master and slave 2011) as we all emerge from the shadows and celebrate the joys and challenges faced by female Masters and their slaves.


Mentor or Tormentor? How to Find (or Become) a Good Mentor – Ravensred

Within the BDSM/leather community, sometimes we want or even crave the guidance of one person who will take us through the hard decisions… or a person who will work us to hone our abilities. From the other side, we want to share our knowledge, work on our own abilities, or have someone who we can actually guide into our fun world! For this discussion, existing and would-be mentors and mentees are invited to have a conversation about the many questions that arise when it comes to mentorship relationships. For instance: What is the importance of pre-existing agreements/expectations between mentor and mentee? What are the boundaries? What happens when they are crossed? What do each of you seek to gain from the experience? How seriously are you taken by each other and by others? What skills do you need? What happens if you choose badly?


Oh My, Your Kit Is So Big! A Bootblack CoLab – Bootblackgirl Susy

Intermediate/some experience required

Have you tried bootblacking and loved it, and want to meet others who like getting dirty too? Have you started to build your basic shine kit but are wondering why other bootblacks’ kits are so big? (What the heck is all that stuff they lug around with them, anyway?) Do you love mentoring and want to share all you have learned over the years? This is a chance to jump to the next level in your blacking. This will be a skillshare and bootblack get-together. Come with all your 201 questions or your 401 knowledge and get connected with Toronto’s fabulous bootblack community. This will be a hands-on skill share so please come prepared with your kit or an item you have questions about. Note: We can certainly answer questions and get a first timer more comfortable giving bootblacking a try but this will not be a 101 demo.


Penetrating the Void: Intro to Ass Play – Toby Wiggins and Laura K

Beginner/no experience required

The anus is a loaded and delicate topic, full of often explosive and unexplored potential. This beginners’ workshop will tackle the basics of anal sex: getting familiar with our tender backsides to demystify the novice’s sphincter, while still venturing into the depths of the more practiced spelunker. Have you ever wondered about enemas and how to integrate them into your scenes? Are you curious about being penetrated but don’t know where to begin? Had a few bad experiences that turned you away from anal? Want to work up to toys, or larger toys? Our session together will cover topics surrounding stigma and fears; massage and penetration; enemas and shit; anal stretching/fisting; and other kinky techniques. You can anticipate oral teaching components, some hands-on work (with no obligation, always consensual and no partner needed), discussion/sharing, and demonstrations.


Play, Flow and Ritual – Susan and Sarah Pie

All Levels

According to Turner1, a ritual is a “sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place.” Wait, isn’t that what we got up to in the dungeon last night? Join two perverted priestesses for a discussion of the elements shared by rituals and BDSM play, and how we can use our knowledge of ritual, whether basic or advanced, to create more powerful, more meaningful, and even safer scenes. Together we’ll explore our experiences about how the ritual process can lend structure to a kink scene, and the common thread of transformation that runs through all that we do.
1 Turner, Victor W. in Symbolic Anthropology: A Reader in the Study of Symbols and Meanings, ed. J. L. Dolgin, D. S. Kemnitzer and D. M. Schneider, p. 183-194. New York: Columbia University Press, 1977.


Rough Handling with Rope – Gina Hunting

Beginner/no experience required

Rope bondage can be sensuous and beautiful, but this workshop introduces you to rope’s rough side. Rough handling is an intense style of play where the top physically overpowers the bottom. Rope can play crucial roles in rough handling scenes by giving the top leverage over the bottom and reducing the bottom’s ability to fight back. In addition the rope itself can be used as a tool for delivering pain. In this workshop you will learn how to do rough handling and learn a few simple ties that make it possible. Special attention is given to techniques for enabling smaller tops to work with larger bottoms. This is a hands-on workshop, so participants should bring one 10′ and two 30′ lengths of rope and either a friend to tie or willingness to tie and be tied by another attendee. Participants of all experience levels are welcome; no prior rope experience is necessary. If you can tie your shoes you will be fine.


Sacred Work and Play: BDSM as a Tool for Healing, Connection and Ritual – Leanne and Alex

Intermediate/some experience required

Join us in exploring the intersection of sacred space, sex and kink! As kinksters, we already expand our imagination and capacity for pleasure—why not expand further to include the divine healing of deep wounds in scene or the wild abandon of erotically charged playfulness in sacred space? In this workshop we will practice some principles of energy, breath work, intention and healing through pain and pleasure. Learn more about using tools, techniques, ceremony, internal and elemental power for self-care, pleasure and intimacy with integrity. Try out group, partnered and solo activities to bring more awareness, intensity and creativity to your spiritual work and kinky play. We will include ideas on music, guided imagery and self-expression to bring more pleasure, stamina and purpose to our sensual and emotional experiences. You are welcome to wear comfortable clothing, and bring a tool and/or toy you love. Please be punctual.


Single-tail Whips Beyond the Dungeon: Gladiator Games – Mistress Syd and Luca

Intermediate/some experience required

In this workshop, some hints and basic tricks will be shared: how to make poppers, and nasty poppers, and why. Then, at least one hour will be devoted to a gladiator demo, with participants having an opportunity to play one on one with the facilitators and each other. Participants wishing to play must bring their own whips (4′ or 6′, no longer please, and no shot whips allowed). Bring protective eyegear (glasses and sunglasses work fine). It is highly recommended that you wear leather boots…because they will be targets. Bring your love of play and fun, and check the ‘tude. This is a FUN event.