2015 Workshops

Asexuality and Sexual Communities or Fisting and Cake – Beth Tyler
All Levels
This workshop will explore and discuss the sexual/asexual spectrum and how our understanding of attractions affects how and why we belong and hook up in Leather communities.

Beyond White Tears: White Folks Making Moves for Racial Justice in Kink Spaces and Communities – Chanelle
All Levels
In so many ways the kink community is incredibly unique. And it also reflects the same kinds of racism and colonialism we see everywhere in the world. Now what? What does it look like and what can white folks do about it? This workshop will offer a space for white folks to talk about some of the ways that we push Black, Indigenous and POC kinksters out of community and concrete ways we can resist that. It will build on last year’s workshop by bringing in the insights and questions that participants shared that we didn’t get to address. It’s also appropriate for folks who were not at least year’s workshop. It is not however intended as a space to debate the pervasiveness of colonialism and racism and their intersections.

Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Caucus – Masti Khor, Karine and Linda
All Levels
This caucus is a dedicated space for BIPOC and mixed race folks to meet, socialize, network, flirt and scene-plan. Closed for BIPOC and mixed-race folks.

D/s Rules and Protocols – Tanya aka Mistress Mommy
All Levels
Creating, implementing and maintaining rules are key to any D/s relationship. In this discussion Mistress Mommy will share insights from her large, primarily female-dominant relationship-based leather family in New Orleans, as well as rules and protocols within her own multiple-submissive household. We will explore ways of creating rules, methods of ensuring that they are followed and reasons why protocols are important in D/s.

Flirting and Negotiation Skillshare for Shy Perverts – Jenn Lion and Carly Bee
Level 1 – Beginner/no experience required
Flirting is hard! Especially if your tongue tangles when you’re face to face with someone who ticks your babe-radar. Shy, awkward, socially anxious, and introverted kinksters are more common than you think, and we are genius at workarounds. Plus, here is a secret: lots of people think your stammer-blushing is seven kinds of cute. At shy-pervertfest 2.0, we will focus on what happens *after* first babe contact. What are the ways we negotiate play when we can’t get the words out? How do we set boundaries during scenes? What are tricks for debriefing so next time can be even better? How do we manage rejection? How do we take care of ourselves in situations where clear verbal communication (something that is hard for so many of us!!) is so highly valued? Harvesters who joined us last year and newcomers are all welcome; we promise new material and also entry points for folks who missed the 101. We will share some selected wisdom from our lives, and participants will set individual goals for the Harvest weekend. Come think through what will help you push past your fears in asking for and getting what you really really want. Then go do it! This workshop is for newbies and seasoned pervs alike, and folks on all sides of the slash.

Navigating Kinkphobia – Luna Allison
All levels
This facilitated conversation is about navigating kinkphobia in close relationships, including lovers/partners, friends, siblings, parents and kids. A lot of kinksters face kinkphobia in their close relationships, and I imagine this session as a discussion/skillshare space to share: 1. Ideas to help each other move through stuck places with intimates and family members, including describing approaches to educating non-kinky folks that have been particularly effective and have led to a deeper understanding from non-kinksters. 2. Resources (like books and articles) that kinksters have found helpful in helping the non-kinky people in their lives better understand kink in general and certain kinds of kink in particular (like D/s, M/s, psychological forms of play, sadism and masochism). Finally, I want to discuss ways of accepting the stuck places and flowing around them (when and where possible) to maintain loving relationships despite others’ lack of understanding or acceptance about kink.

Oppression, Privilege, and Sexual Desire – Lisa Ugray
Level 1 – Beginner/no experience required
Everyone has unique sexual desires. While recognizing everyone’s agency, we’ll discuss the ways in which oppression and privilege inform those desires, and the effects that has on us. Who is undesirable and why? Come ready to critically examine your own desires.

Pain Management and Self-Care: A Midwife’s Perspective – Jillian
Level 1 – Beginner/no experience required
The crux of a midwife’s work is guiding people through pain. This naturally lends itself to a beautiful symbiosis with kink. Jillian will share her knowledge, skills, and insights from her work to help enhance your play – everything from bio-hazard safety and universal precautions, through pain management (and enhancement) during a scene, to post-play body/wound care and recovery. There’s lots to cover so bring specific questions and we will try to get through as much as we can!

Parenting While Kinky – Maron de Sade
All Levels
The relationship between a parent and their kid(s) is one of the most complex and challenging. When one or more of those parents are kinky, it adds so much more to the mix. How do we navigate parenthood in a sex-negative environment, especially when there are so many negative assumptions around kink? Come join the discussion!

Presenting Gender – thudonkey
Level 1 – Beginner/no experience required
Gender identity is a fraught topic for a lot of people, particularly trans and non-binary souls. This workshop is NOT on gender identity. Whatever your identity might be – and whether it is fluid or fixed – you perform that gender. You choose what to wear, how to accessorize it, haircuts, makeup, etc. Additionally, at a less conscious level, your walk, your voice and your attitude or “vibe” work together to create the way you are performing – the way you are being you. For some, playing with this performance might be too close to core identity to be safe. For those who might want to play, come along. Bring different presentation elements to try out (a tie, lipstick, platform shoes, etc.). Watch me (and hopefully some demo performers) queer up gender presentation. Ultimately, you may find new presentations to add either to your everyday look and style or to your play repertoire.

The Revelation and the Gaze: Playing with Exhibitionism and Voyeurism – Jacky
All Levels
For some, watching or being watched are just aspects of playing in a social space. But for others, they are core elements of pleasure, arousal, excitement, shame, or antici… pation! This workshop aims to explore: the roles exhibitionism and voyeurism can play (heh) in kinky scenes and in play spaces; the various sensations people seek to achieve through this kind of play; and the ways in which locations, actions, words, positions, proxemics, lighting, sensory deprivation or the use of accessories (cameras, blindfolds, masks, mirrors) can enhance the sensations achieved through voyeurism and exhibitionism. On a broader social level, we may discuss how we can appropriate exhibitionism and voyeurism when these are often used in oppressive, non-consensual ways. This is meant to be a participatory workshop that will involve personal reflection exercises, group work, facilitated discussion and possibly a titillating demo. Alternatives for introverts or folks with social anxiety will be provided for group exercises.

Rough Play for All Bodies – Jackie
All Levels
Rough play – such as punching, kicking, slapping, grabbing and wrestling – can be incredibly hot, and pretty hard on the bodies of all participants. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of where and how to hit with an overriding focus on adapting such styles of play to fit you and your partner. The workshop will contain lots of demonstrations, as well as ample opportunity to practice and ask questions. We will take safety beyond the prevention of acute injuries, into finding specific techniques that work for you and hopefully leaving your partners in better shape than you found them.

Rough Sex: Immediate Gratification – Felice Shays
Level 2 – Intermediate/some experience required
Rough sex. Pounding penetration, face slapping, humiliation and objectification, power and control, punching, bondage, talking smut. Sound like you? In this hot, fun class, sex and BDSM educator Felice Shays works hands-on with individuals and other relationship configurations to address your specific questions through live demonstrations. A fast-paced, interactive (optional) workshop, this class assumes you’re already delving into some (or a lot) of rough play during sex and are ready for the next level – whatever that is for you. Possible topics include: fine tuning techniques for talking about what you want and don’t want, hair pulling, face slapping, biting, blow jobs, choking, and more; ways to take hold of your sex and run the show; learning how to surrender into ecstatic submissive bliss; coming to peace with internal conflict and judgment; (consensual) “rape,” power and age play, gang bangs, and other edgy dynamics. Questions, perverted thoughts, concerns? Welcome.

Sensory Deprivation – Brigette
Level 1 – Beginner/no experience required
Hot and cold, bitter and sweet, stingy, thuddy, sharp and dull. Was that a needle or a toothpick? Is that really the cold blade of a knife? The hot sting of wax? What was THAT? These are some of the different sensations that will be explored in this workshop. We will discuss how sensory enhancement or sensory deprivation can be used to heighten your partner’s passion and excitement. Our senses and tactile sensations can provide an intoxicating recipe for a very hot connection. A blindfold and a sharp knife can provide all that you need for a very kinky night. This will be a demo class that explores the different reactions one can have when senses are taken away or enhanced.
So You Want to Be a Master…? – Master T’Hayla
Choosing to step into an authority-based relationship based on a Master/slavery model is no small choice, and it is most definitely not for everyone. Learning to honestly assess whether you belong on this path, as a way of living, is something that takes time, commitment, brutal personal assessment and constant striving. In an open discussion let’s talk about how we assess whether this is your path. Let’s also touch on how we hone ours skills and improve ourselves as Masters on that path to remain true to our goals and our partners. I encourage those who choose to follow to attend as well. Your insights will be especially useful.  Truly there is no keener reflection of whether something is working than the eyes of a slave who is trying to surrender their will to those who are striving to lead. This is an open discussion that might be of interest to all people who strive towards successful authority-based relations.

Spiral Bound: Journeys to the Centre of Your D/s Self – D. Orchid
Level 2 – Intermediate/some experience required
Like a bird in flight, spiraling slowly as it descends from one current to another, this reflection-oriented workshop is meant to guide participants into alternative ways of thinking about who they are, what they want, and what they do – in, with, and through power dynamics. Using open-ended questions, prompts, and thought experiments, we will write, discuss, and consider some of the complexities, contradictions, and challenges rooted in and related to our kink/Leather identities, desires, and practices, perhaps seeing and meeting ourselves in uncommon, if not wholly new, ways. Rather than a workshop meant to impart answers, this is meant to foster self-revelation and, hopefully, unearth new questions, emotions, and ideas to spark conversations even well after the workshop has ended. Please bring something to write on/with and come prepared to respect the space and the inward journeys of others.

Strap It On: The Ins and Outs of Strap-on Sex – Lamalani Siverts
Level 1 – Beginner/no experience required
Trying to pair the myriad of dildo choices available to consumers with the perfect harness can be an overwhelming experience! And once you get your new toys, figuring out how to play with them can be a comical experience. Learn how to pick a strap-on harness and dildo and how best to use them from a sex toy industry veteran. For those that have played before, come to share your experiences and pick up tips from each other to be more proficient.

Topspace/Subspace: Exploring Altered States in BDSM Play – Shahrazad
All Levels
This workshop will use shamanic principles to explore and more deeply understand the mysterious altered states of awareness that both top and bottom can shift into during BDSM scenes. We will learn techniques that can induce such states, what to do if they happen spontaneously, how to navigate them and what to take into account when providing aftercare. No previous experience with topspace/subspace is necessary, though participants’ subjective experiences will be honoured and woven into the discussion.