Beth Tyler – Ottawa, ON
Asexuality and Sexual Communities, or Fisting and Cake
Beth Tyler is a long time Unholy Harvester she is the property of Amazon Syren. Beth is a queer poly asexual leather dyke who has a back ground in the sex industry and now makes leather fetish gear and clothing.

Brigette – Orange County, CA, USA
Sensory Deprivation
Brigette is a very naughty Leather Dyke, retired Professional Dominant, Sex Educator and a past member of the Seattle Kink Community. She is Southern California Leather Woman 2014. She has contributed to a variety of events and organizations such as Seattle Women of Leather, Wicked Womyn, and The CSPC and has taught numerous BDSM workshops at the Long Beach LGBT Center, Desire and San Diego Pride. Her favorite workshops have to do with blood, electricity and people’s bits. When not teaching people how to improve their kinky sex lives, you can find her on her motorcycle exploring the California countryside.

Carly Bee – Toronto, ON
Flirting and Negotiation Skillshare for Shy Perverts
Carly is a genderqueer femme witch introvert who hides her shy under most circumstances. She flags purple and black on the right and likes negotiating via text or the internet where she can blush freely.

Chanelle – Toronto, ON
Beyond White Tears: White Folks Making Moves for Racial Justice in Kink Spaces and Communities
Chanelle is a long-time community organizer, educator, rabble-rouser, sister, comrade, kinkstress and settler of European heritage. In 2014, she led the first workshop at Harvest on racism and white privilege in kink communities.

D. Orchid – Chicago, IL, USA
Spiral Bound: Journeys to the Centre of Your D/s Self
D. Orchid is a queer geeky mocha butch and a sadistic Leather Daddy crafting and exploring a still-unfolding path of Mastery. In and out of diverse kink communities on both sides of the Canada-US border, D has been engaged in What It Is That We Do for over a decade and has been thinking and writing about power dynamics for even longer than that. With a few turns as an officer, organizer and occasional presenter, D has worked to provide safe(r) learning space for folks of every stripe. Want to know more? Check out DaddyOrchid on FetLife and feel free to ask questions in person!

Felice Shays – Brooklyn, NY, USA
Rough Sex: Immediate Gratification
Known for her straight talk and humor, Queer, Jewish, Femme Felice Shays provides sexual and BDSM education and coaching across the US and Canada. Based in Brooklyn, Felice has presented at countless events for over a decade including Black Rose, Pacific Friction, Dark Odyssey, Babeland, LSM, TES, Wicked Womyn, Tribal Fire, SheBop, Come As You Are, The Exiles, Desire, Thunder In The Mountains, Bringing Age Out Of The Closet, and IMsL. An excerpt of her future book, Brutal Affection: This Is Rough Sex, is in Tristan Taromino’s anthology The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge.

Sir Femme – Toronto, ON
Kink and Identity Panel: Martial Arts, BDSM and Consent
Sir Femme, a feisty genderqueer femme Jewish S/Witch, has been involved in queer BDSM communities since 1999. A black belt equivalent, she has been training in martial arts since 1992 and began teaching self-defence in 1995. Since 2006, she has studied Gao style Baguazhang which is a Chinese internal martial art with health, meditation and fighting applications. Sir Femme is thrilled to bring her love of martial arts and kink together in an appropriate environment for such endeavours. She welcomes conversation on accountability and privilege as a person who trains in Baguazhang and is not of Chinese descent.

Jackie – Victoria, BC
Rough Play for All Bodies
Jackie is a genderqueer switchy top who has been active in the kink community for over 5 years. Rough body play is a more recent love of theirs, which they have taken great care to practice with as many people as possible. They bring many years of her own chronic pain struggles along with experience working around bottoms’ injuries.

Jacky – Tio’tia:ke (Montreal, QC)
The Revelation and the Gaze: Playing with Exhibitionism and Voyeurism
Jacky is a queer, Two-Spirit, non-monogamous, and non-binary (enbee) kinkster living in Tio’tia:ke, commonly known as Montreal, which is situated on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territories. Among other things, they are a switch with D-type tendencies, a fan of role-play involving consensual non-consent and humiliation, a former drag/genderfuck performer, and an incorrigible exhibitionist, both on and off stage. Their desire to reveal underscores most of their kinky interests and has been instrumental in their own body and gender acceptance.

Jillian – Toronto, ON
Pain Management and Self-Care: A Midwife’s Perspective
Jillian is a registered midwife, a Montreal transplant to Ontario, a born perv and huge pain slut, a budding powerlifter and CrossFitter. She’s generally all about pushing the body to its furthest edges.

Karine – Tiohtià:ke (Montreal, QC)
Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Caucus
Karine is a black queer fat femme. Involved in queer, feminist, kinky and/or QTBIPOC communities, she’s trying to make her communities a better world for all. By day, she is a community organizer, communications specialist and activist, she also identifies as a francophone, a top and a lover of all that sparkles.

Lamalani Siverts – Akron, Ohio USA
Strap It On: the Ins and Outs of Strap-on Sex
Kink and Identity Panel: Martial Arts, BDSM and Consent
Lamalani is a dual US/Canadian citizen who resides in Akron, Ohio. She held the title of Washington State Ms. Leather 2008 before winning International Ms. Leather 2009, and has been active in the leather community since 1999. Professionally, Lamalani has been a purchaser and sex educator at the women-owned sex toy store Babeland, a hemp bondage rope maker with Twisted Monk and a craftsperson at Mr. S Leathers. She is an enthusiastic practitioner of rope bondage, fire play and roughhousing. Lamalani has volunteered as a self-defense instructor with Home Alive and relaxes by playing percussion and riding her motorcycles. In 2011, she was awarded the Northwest Regional Pantheon XV and Leather Emerald Award.

Linda – Montreal, QC
Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Caucus
Linda is a mad POC cisgender dominant dyke with a weakness for fierce femmes. She organizes play parties in Montreal for queers, youth (18-35) and queer folks of colour. She is organized as all hell and just as bossy.

Lion Jenn – Toronto, ON
Flirting and Negotiation Skillshare for Shy Perverts
Jenn is a lion who is also a mermaid. Jenn is a loud shy extrovert, and no, that is not a contradiction in terms. She is a Toronto transplant from New Brunswick who has learned ways to make awkwardness charming.

Lisa Ugray – Russell, ON
Oppression, Privilege, and Sexual Desire
Lisa has been facilitating workshops and discussions about oppression, sex, sexuality and gender since 2008. She really loves to teach and learn in community settings, and even though she’s had to do this many times, she still really struggles with writing her bios.

Luna Allison – Ottawa, ON
Navigating Kinkphobia
Luna has been an educator, performer and poly kinkster for more than a decade. She loves meeting new people, especially if they want to discuss anything related to kink, D/s, spirituality, art, fancy chocolate, lacy things, philosophy, politics or femme identity. Come up and say hi!

Maron de Sade – Toronto, ON
Parenting While Kinky
Maron has been a member of the Toronto kink community since 2002 and a parent since 2006. They noticed a lack of parents of young children in the scene, and have been building a community of peers for the last three years. A co-founder of Toronto TNG and a community volunteer, they have presented workshops and panels at York University, N00b, and more.

Masti Khor – Toronto, ON
Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Caucus
Masti Khor is a crip South Asian genderqueer femme switch artist who has been yearning for QTBIPOC kink community, as so is making it happen. Masti has facilitated many conversations and workshops on race, disability, class and gender.

Mynxx – Toronto, ON
Kink and Identity Panel: Martial Arts, BDSM and Consent
Mynxx has been active in the local BDSM community for 10 years and has studied Krav Maga for a year. Kinky grappling and rough body play are among her BDSM interests.

Shahrazad – Toronto, ON
Topspace/Subspace: Exploring Altered States in BDSM Play
Shahrazad, also known as The Alchemical Seductress, is the Ms. Leather Toronto titleholder for 2016. She is an established pro-dominatrix and BDSM educator, and the owner and Headmistress of The Ritual Chamber dungeon in Toronto. She is also in her fifteenth year of apprenticeship to a matriarchal shamanic spiritual path that focuses on personal growth and the development of human potential. Shahrazad is passionate about integrity, intimacy, mutual benefit and welfare, and the potential for spiritual growth within erotic power exchange dynamics.

Master T’Hayla – Toronto, ON
So You Want to Be a Master…?
Master T’Hayla has been teaching and facilitating a wide variety of kink topics for a wider variety of sexual outlaws and greedy girls for more than 20 years. She has appeared at events like Desire, TOKink, Black Rose, Southwest, Pacific Friction, South Plains and Harvest. He finds power exchange endlessly fascinating and spiritually moving. This vast community of kinky friends and kindred spirits – the new, the old, the proud, the powerful, the curious and the shameless – is truly home! T’Hayla is thrilled to take a break from work, clients and ongoing academic adventures in advanced Kink Aware Gestalt Therapeutic training to participate in Harvest 2015!

thudonkey – Montreal, QC
Presenting Gender
thudonkey is a facilitator, teacher and researcher. They enjoy bringing those same skill sets to bear on kinky and queer topics. They also appreciate that they had to click on a button marked “submit” in order to be considered as a presenter!