An Unholy Harvest celebrates five years!

Join us for the fifth edition of An Unholy Harvest, Canada’s only annual weekend event for leatherdykes, trans folks and kinky gals of all bent persuasions. The unholiness awaits you in Ottawa from October 7-10, 2011!

 What you can expect:

An exciting Friday-night event to kick off the experience. Our theme this year is Cirque du Sado. Details below!

Three play parties that cap off each night of the weekend in a fully equipped dungeon.

Two days packed with BDSM and kink workshops, both hands-on and theoretical, with skilled presenters from all over Canada.

Film screenings, erotica readings and various other pervy ways to pass the time when you’re not busy making new friends, learning new tricks and getting laid.

A diverse crowd of friendly, kinky queers who are really darned nice! And awfully sexy. We run the gamut from freshly hatched kinkster to leather veteran, so don’t be shy if this is your first time… you won’t be the only one.

As for this year’s theme… Step right up! Buy a ticket for the big top and slip into the glitz and glam of our sexy, pervy circus party! This year, Harvest lets loose the dark and dirty side of the circus. Friday night’s kickoff will let you step through the funhouse mirror and soak up a world of mystery, artifice and sleight-of-hand. That night, the people wearing the best “Cirque du Sado”-inspired get-ups—ringmasters, trapeze acts, big cats, contortionists, magicians and more—will win prizes, decided by applause. Whether you win or not, expect much cheerful lechery and heartfelt appreciation for your look and your creativity. Costumes are not obligatory, but they sure are fun!

Need more convincing? Check out our testimonials page to see what past attendees have said about the event:

Remember, spaces are limited and the price is right—we’re grassroots gals and we aim to keep things affordable. But an Unholy Harvest has grown every year thus far, and we fully expect to sell out. Register as soon as possible to make sure you get in on the action!

Here are some updated details as of September 1.

Early-bird registration is over, but full-price registration is ongoing. For the first time this year, we have a full online registration system! Check out our registration page for details.

Applications to volunteer and to present workshops at this year’s event are now closed. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to help out!

Scholarship applications are closed for 2011. Travel fund applications remain open until all funds are awarded. Check out our travel fund page for details.

Check out our accessibility page for information on the range of measures we’re taking to make Harvest more accessible for people with dis/abilities.

For history buffs, we’ll soon be adding a history section to the site soon so you can see how Harvest got started and what the first four years were like.

An Unholy Harvest is open to women (including trans women) and trans-identified folks who respect and honour a women’s play space and who feel they have a place among leatherdykes.

We can’t wait to see you in October!

Your friendly coordinatrixes,

Jacqueline St-Urbain and Andrea Zanin