The Team

Knife playThe Meat

Harvest is a community affair. What you contribute—time, energy, money, a friendly smile to a new participant—makes the event what it is, and sustains the sense of community created at Harvest for the other 361 days of the year. There are tons of ways to contribute even if you don’t volunteer for a shift. Help a volunteer with a quick task… type notes during a workshop for a Deaf or hard-of-hearing participant… clean up a spill so nobody slips on it… set a personal goal to talk to three people you’ve never met before. All these little things make the magic happen!

The Heart

Every year, some 35 volunteers and 20 workshop presenters devote a few hours of their time and energy to making the entire Harvest weekend run like a well-oiled machine. You could be one of them! Just fill out a volunteer application.

The Backbone

We’re fortunate to have a fantastic group of behind-the-scenes folks who work year-round to make Harvest happen. They include…

  • Our graphic designer, A. M. Reid, who has been with us since the very beginning. She handles graphics for our website, our printed event program and our participant dog tags each year, to marvelous results!
  • Our longtime webslave, indi, who’s geeky, kinky and Deaf, and downright fabulous when it comes to web design, updates, troubleshooting and general excellence.
  • Our survey and feedback babe, Liz, who handles these essential details with skill and style.
  • Our translator, Joh, whose flair for le français cochon is très apprécié!
  • Our new web wizards, Cassandra and T., who are taking up the Harvest website torch starting this year.

As well, we have an amazing middle management team that goes above and beyond on Harvest weekend as well as various points before and after the event. They are:

  • Our registration manager, Lovemonkey, who handles the details with finesse.
  • Our daytime facilities manager, Ravensred, who keeps a lid on things while the sun shines.
  • Our nighttime facilities manager, the amazing Miss Jenn, who’s been with Harvest from the start and shines in the dark hours.
  • Our security manager, Marion, whose eagle eye and calm demeanour keeps everyone safer.
  • Our equipment logistics manager, T’Hayla, who makes sure we have all the crosses and spanking benches we could possibly need.
  • Our participant forum moderator, Lion, who is sometimes a matchmaker, often on social media, and always fabulous.
  • Our set-up manager, Lisa, who makes sure all the things go where they belong.

Harvest wouldn’t be the same without the dedicated efforts of our volunteers. Hats (and various other items of clothing) off to them!

The Brains

Jacqueline St-Urbain and Andrea Zanin met in Montreal and have been getting up to no good together since 2003. That’s when Jacqueline founded the Unholy Army of the Night, Montreal’s leatherdyke group, and Andrea jumped right on board and helped organize parties and workshops for the group for the next four years. They co-founded An Unholy Harvest in 2007… and the rest is history!

Jacqueline is an unrepentant switch who likes floggers, fists and sharp, pointy things. Beginning with the founding of the Unholy Army of the Night in Montreal, Jacqueline’s activism has always been firmly rooted in creating welcoming, fun spaces for leatherqueers. Jacqueline has been teaching for most of her life, and has facilitated workshops on sexuality for over 15 years. She’s taught for a wide variety of organizations, from grassroots groups to universities. Kink is Jacqueline’s hobby, one she’s passionate about. Her aim is always to create community but fucking – in all its glorious permutations – comes first. She is @TheModeratrix on Twitter.

Andrea Zanin has been writing and teaching internationally about BDSM/Leather/kink, power dynamics, non-monogamy and queer sexuality for over 15 years, and she endeavours to bring an awareness of privilege and oppression to all her work. Andrea’s writing has been published in numerous books, magazines and newspapers. In Toronto, she runs a pervy book club called The Leather Bindings Society, and is pursuing a PhD in women’s studies at York University with a focus on BDSM. Andrea was named Toronto Leather Pride’s Woman of the Year 2014 and won the Pantheon of Leather Canadian Award for 2016. As a committed hedonist and aesthete, she enjoys eating fine dark chocolate, drinking tea and wearing really nice shoes. Read her at or find her on Twitter at @sexgeekAZ.