Boots!Harvest is a pretty underground event, but we’ve still gotten some great press over the years, like this article. Thanks to Midori for writing us up and to Miss Jenn for saying such nice things about Harvest! A short quote from the article: “She loves the event because the sexual energy there is by far the most powerful of all that she’s enjoyed, with more intense scenes than any other she’s ever witnessed in the space. Along with the steamy play, deep friendships are formed in this rare permissive environment.”

And here’s what our attendees have to say…

“My 5-hour drive home yesterday did not give me enough time to reflect back on all the amazing moments of the weekend!!” – dani


“It was my first year attending and I found everybody so welcoming and friendly…so thank you from a former Unholy Harvest virgin!” – Leanne


“Good workshops, great play parties, and terrific people!” – zbeline “I was so blissed out when I left the venue for the final time Sunday night that I’m sure I floated down the stairs.” – Samantha


“I’m absolutely bowled over. What an incredible experience! Of course it’s draining as well as invigorating, that kind of bombardment of mental and physical stimulation, which is probably why the “real world” feels so dull and gross now . . . just makes me more eager for next year!” – Claire


“I had an awesome time as well. It was a weekend that was truly unforgettable.” – Sharman
“I’m so thrilled to hear from the first-timers who had such a fabulous experience, and wanted to add that it seems coming back on subsequent years just makes it even better!” – Jess


“Amazing weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in my life. Not to mention inspiration.” – Chris