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KneelingHow you can help

Harvest is a grassroots project, and we endeavour to take as few sponsorships as possible in favour of keeping advertising to a minimum in our program and in the event spaces. We also keep our registration fees low in order to be accessible to perverts from a range of financial situations. But we can always use more money to help make the event better, yummier, safer and stronger. This is where you come in!

If you love Harvest and want to contribute, here’s a list of the places we could use some help! A donation option is built into your online registration—you can add a donation to your cart below, or do it when you fill out the online registration form. Alternately, you can drop us a line at to discuss other donation options. Feel free to earmark your donation for a particular purpose, or leave it up to us.

Thank you for all your help!

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The difference your help can make

We need help with accessibility!

Help us make Harvest accessible to a broader range of pervs!

What we do now: Check out our accessibility page to see the range of measures we’ve taken! They include partial ASL interpretation, extra lighting, reserved seating, large-type programs, and plenty of awareness-raising.

What we could do with more money: We would love to provide full ASL interpretation for the event, purchase an audio website reader to render the site accessible for blind and vision-impaired people, and have a financial cushion to enable us to deal with other accessibility issues as they come up.

We need help with the scholarships and travel fund!

Help us create Canadian community and reduce financial barriers to attending Harvest.

What we do now: We currently have a scholarship program in place to cover registration costs for six eligible Harvest attendees per year. The travel fund helps low-income Canadian Harvesters from outside the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto corridor make the trip.

What we could do with more money: Every donation earmarked for scholarships goes directly to helping low-income pervs attend Harvest. Most years we have been able to offer between four and eight extra scholarships thanks to you, and we wanna keep that going! Donations earmarked for travel fund make it possible to defray travel costs so that we can welcome more far-away low-income attendees.

We need help with safety!

Safer play is sexier play.

What we do now: We provide basic safety supplies, such as nitrile and latex gloves, condoms, lube, sharps containers, drop cloths and clean-up supplies.

What we could do with more money: We’d love to get more non-latex supplies, provide internal condoms, stock a full range of medical play supplies, and have a more robust selection of tarps and chucks available.

We need help with venue and supplies!

This is the backbone of the weekend.

What we do now: Venue rental costs are our biggest expense every year, and they keep getting higher. As well, we spend a chunk of our budget on things like dog tags, program printing, recyclable swag bags, pens and markers, poster board, workshop supplies, website maintenance, decorations and more.

What we could do with more money: We admit this isn’t the sexiest place to donate, but there’s no Harvest if there’s no venue! As well, basic supplies are key to a successful weekend. With more money, we’d love to spring for more environmentally friendly printing and have a cushion to help us deal with unexpected situations and breakdowns, among others.