Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does An Unholy Harvest take place?

When does An Unholy Harvest take place?

Where should I stay when I come to Toronto?

I've never been to an event like this and I'm terrified. What will happen to me when I show up?

What’s this year’s event theme?


I’d like to help out at the event by volunteering. How do I apply?

Je suis francophone. Est-ce que les activités du weekend me sont accessibles?

I’m sensitive to fragrances and chemicals. Is An Unholy Harvest a safe space for me?

I'd love to give a workshop or lead a discussion at An Unholy Harvest. How do I send in a proposal?

I'd really like to attend some of the weekend's events, but not all of them. Can I pay a partial registration fee just for the parties or just for the workshops?

Okay, but a whole bunch of my friends are coming up for the weekend. Can I just slip into a play party with them? Come on, you know me...

I'm on a tight budget. Is there anything you can do to make it less costly for me to attend Harvest?

What kind of food do you serve at the event?

What's your cancellation policy?

Can I talk all about my Harvest experience on social media?

When did Harvest get started?

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