2017 Workshop Descriptions

Aggressive Snuggling: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Consent – Eroca Nicols

All Levels

This workshop will introduce the specific physical consent strategies practiced in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We will work on techniques for application of pressure on another body as well as several submissions, specifically an arm lock and a blood choke from multiple angles. These techniques can be super fun and hot for play or sport, as well as useful in self-defense for queers and women. Folks will want to wear clothes they feel comfortable in on the floor. Things we will do:

  • Ask for and receive consent before touching anyone!
  • Learn and practice a physical and a verbal start and stop signal.
  • Practice saying yes and saying no and meaning it.
  • Practice hearing yes and hearing no and responding to it.

More skills we will work on:

  • Play with different levels of compression and weight.
  • Extreme squeezing: how do we dial up and down our tone?


BIPOC Caucus

All levels

Once again, Karine, Masti Khor and Linda present a space where racialized/BIPOC folks can gather, network, scene plan, and support each other in a space where being racialized is a difficult terrain to navigate (much like everyday life) and the line between being fetishized and overlooked is thin. Come join other racialized/BIPOC kinksters in sharing space and community!


Bootblacking 101: Steps to a Spit Shine – Bootblackgirl Susy

Beginner – no experience required

Have you ever wondered how bootblacks achieve such a beautiful mirrored shine on a pair of military combat boots? Are you able to differentiate between a high shine and a grease boot? Perhaps you are a dominant, looking to see your submissive further trained in the art of leather care, or a boi/boy/girl who wishes to impress their mommy/daddy with a newly acquired skill! Maybe you desire to tie someone down to the bootblack stand and whisper in their ear the potential punishments for scuffing the shine you’ve worked up on their footwear. Or maybe you dream of holding a bootblack title someday! If any of this appeals to you, then come join us, and indulge your passion. All are welcome! If you would like hands-on practice please bring a pair of boots.


Building Great Play: Negotiation Skills for Kink – Tormenta and Ten

Beginner – no experience required

You know what you want, now how are you going to get it? Learn tools for the co-operative creation of great experiences, both in pick-up play and in ongoing relationships. We’ll cover a complete list of topics to include in negotiations, risks to consider (physical, emotional, social), and how to communicate your fantasies and realities, whether it’s with your friend of 10 minutes or your partner of 10 years. There will be demonstrations, space to try out techniques and to discuss challenges and questions, and specific tips for weekend events like Harvest. This workshop is geared towards the needs of new players and anyone interested in polishing their skills, but valuable for all skill levels.


Caning for Beginners – MsCharlie

Beginner – no experience required

Want to learn how to use a cane? This toy can be particularly nasty—both in a delicious way and in a damaging way. In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Select a cane that works for you;
  • Negotiate caning into your scene;
  • Aim with accuracy, and without injuring yourself or your bottom; and
  • Explore several areas of the body and techniques, including “evil” mindfucks.

This workshop is a focused on practice so that you can take your new skills straight into the dungeon! While you are encouraged to bring your own cane/s, several canes will be provided (and even loaned out for your scene if you ask nicely!).


Crazy/Crippled and Kinky: Strategies for the Deviant and Disabled/Neurodiverse – darkestembrace

Beginner – no experience required

Having physical or mental health issues can make your kinky life more complicated, but shouldn’t be a barrier to participation. Strategies for handling all sorts of things—including safety requirements, giving and receiving consent, scene and relationship negotiation, being comfortable at community events, and getting into, maintaining, and leaving headspace—are important for navigating kink as a crazy and/or crippled person. Come prepared to share your own tried and true strategies as well as learning from other participants. Part workshop, part discussion and part practicum, this session is intended to strengthen the skills needed by crazy and crippled kinksters… as well as by those who interact with them.

Fucking Intents (or, Love Under Will) – Sarah Pie

All levels

I’ve previously hand-waved about the common threads of transformation, of being containers, that are shared by ritual and kink. Lately I’ve thought a lot about how to fill those containers, to infuse play with meaning and fulfillment. The subtitle here is borrowed from one of the central philosophies of Thelemic mysticism: “Love is the law, love under will.” While not a follower of Thelema, I value the insight that desire and communion, for all their intuitive wildness, can be given structure and meaning if we have knowledge of, if we act to bring about, an Intent. This workshop will include musings and discussion that apply to all kinds of play and relationships but will engage these questions from the viewpoint of those who to act to bring about their will within a scene, i.e. Tops/Dominants. Bottoms/submissives who participate in the intention-setting process for their scenes will also benefit.

Impact Play: Bare Hands and Kicks – Tania

Beginner – no experience required

This workshop proposes an introduction to slapping, punching, and kicking for pleasure. Barebones negotiation, intensity adjustment, set building, phrasing and scene strategizing will be briefly discussed. Next, a series of techniques will be demonstrated: open-hand strikes, fist strikes, and kicks to various targets such as calves, bum, legs, and upper back. Then, the conversation will open up for questions, contributions and play.


It Was Knife Knowing You! – Redrobin

Beginner – no experience required

Fear, primal energy, blood and cold shiny steel. Whether you’re intrigued by knives and don’t know where to start, or you want to take your knife play to the next level—we’ll cover it! After going over some care, safety and basics, we’ll demonstrate methods of using your knife to cause fear, various ways of cutting, and how to fuck someone with a knife. Edge play at its sharpest!


The Languages of Love in the Dungeon – Squeaktoy

Beginner – no experience required

Using author Gary Chapman’s concept of the five love languages, we will take a quick quiz to identify our love languages and discuss what this means in terms of our wants and needs. We will then discuss methods of meeting these needs in a dungeon or other BDSM settings.


Powerful Skills for Power Bottoming – Shaide

Intermediate – some experience required

“While my tops throw the whips at me as hard as they can, I take in their power and dance in the center of the storm.” – Dossie Easton, The New Bottoming Book

So you love bottoming, and you like it intense. Maybe that’s because it helps to get you out of your head and into your body, because you want to prove to yourself each and every time that you can, or simply because you think blue and purple look good on you. This workshop is for those bottoms who want to expand your arsenal of self-care techniques and after-care techniques that you can share with your tops. Our focus will be on pain reduction and pain metabolization for longer play. We will include breathing and body movement techniques as well as suggestions for herbal teas and salves. Skill-sharing is welcome.


Putting Kink to Work: Using BDSM Skills to Challenge Racism In and Out of the Dungeon – Carly, Hannah and Kota

All levels

Transforming shame, diving into tricky emotional places and then caring for each other in and out of them, engaging in consensual power dynamics, seeing and naming implicit power dynamics, questioning what we have been taught is normal/natural/good/right, getting curious about things we have never experienced… sounds like we’re talking about kink, right? Well, we are. But we are also talking about engaging in anti-racist work. How can we use the skills we have developed *as perverts* to get motivated, get messy, and get busy shifting power dynamics related to racism and colonialism in our own lives and in the kink spaces we occupy? This workshop is aimed at white people but is open to all. If BIPOC folks want to be present, their participation and input is very welcome.


Role Play: Find Your Storyline! – Mimi Monstroe

All levels

This workshop on role play will consist of a short introduction and Q&A, followed by a fun game to boost our creativity and practice skills immediately. We end with an exchange of our experiences during the workshop. A workshop for everyone interested in role play—no experience required, but also seasoned role players will have fun joining the spontaneous plot-finding round. All you need to bring is some fantasy and an open mind.


Rope 1-Oh-Whatever: When All You Want to Do Is Tie – Ness

Beginner – no experience required

This is an interactive intro rope class for folks who are curious but unsure, overwhelmed by all the information out there, or really just want to tie someone up! We’ll explore some basic building blocks of rope bondage that will let you get creative, instead of focusing on specific patterns that might be hard to remember. This class will also cover basic safety and injury prevention, negotiation for rope scenes, and time for questions. Bring rope if you already have some (there will be some available to borrow as well), and wear whatever you’re comfortable moving around in. This class aims to be inclusive of mobility and accessibility needs. If you have any pressing concerns you’re welcome to get in contact ahead of time.


Self-Care for Kinky Folks – Parul

Beginner – no experience required

In this workshop, everyone will be encouraged to think about and talk about what self-care means to them. What are some examples of self-care that we can share with each other (and hopefully learn from each other)? Is self-care the same for kinky folks as it is for the non-kinky? Are there any special challenges that kinky folks face when it comes to self-care? What special challenges might be faced by people who identify as submissive, dominant, slave, master, top, bottom, switch, daddy/mommy, boy/boi, girl, service-oriented and more?


Sensual Massage as Sensory Play – Alyssa Gonzalez

Beginner – no experience required

It’s easy to imagine massage as not really kinky, or as a skill for bottoms to master in service to their tops. Massage is a deeper art than this, however, and presents a chance to explore a variety of sensations most people don’t even know they can feel. Far from being a purely service specialty, massage has space to be a playful, teasing power exchange experience. Join local celebrity Alyssa Gonzalez in learning how to turn massage into a festival of sensory surprise via timing, anticipation, narration and a expansive knowledge of human anatomy. Bring someone okay with being your practice subject, or find someone who wants to help you when you get there.


Too Nasty for Fetlife: A Facilitated Discussion on Rape Play – Jacky

All levels

Rape play is a taboo topic in some circles. Yet many of us, including rape survivors, fantasize about rape play or carry out rape play scenarios: as perpetrators, victims or both. This facilitated discussion will take us through a gamut of sub-topics related to rape play. Why do we get off on this? What are the emotional and psychological barriers to rape play? How do we find partners? Can rape play partners also be lovers? What are some safety measures beyond the usual ones we put in place for any kind of play? Can rape play be healing? What about rape play across lines of oppression such as race, gender or ability? This discussion will possibly be triggering. Please ensure that you have a way to take care of yourself (support from a friend or partner, etc.) during or after the workshop.


WIITWN (What It Is That We Need)—The S-Type Edition – Youkali Youkali

All Levels

In life, we need certain things, things that are important for our own fulfillment as human beings. Some things are even essential for us to survive, and they can be as small as a molecule of oxygen—well, a few of them. Some things, we know are luxuries, but we learn to crave them once in a while, because they make us feel good. Some things, we like to believe we want, but we choose to keep them a dream. We have desires, cravings, and lacks… More specifically, we may need some things as a S-identifying person, i.e. as someone who engages in relationships from a bottom or submissive perspective. The aim of this facilitated discussion is to help kinky and leather S-type people better define what they want and need, their potential sources of satisfaction, and opportunities for attachment… or detachment. All are welcome as long as they are willing to engage from a S-type perspective.


Writing Kink – Sir Femme

All Levels

Is there a kinky story you’re burning to write or re-write? Do you want to develop your own sexy smut, lusty leather poems, or hot role play scripts? Writing Kink is a hands-on workshop for new and seasoned writers who are ready to get their hands dirty with words. This workshop values every writing voice using a clear structure in a supportive, non-hierarchical environment. Come prepared to write about sex, BDSM, heartache, desire, healing and whatever else comes out of your pen, pencil or keyboard. Share what you write if you desire. Expect erotic stories that range from seductively sensual to twisted and torturous. Please arrive on time and come prepared with a pen and notebook or a laptop.