2017 Presenter Bios

Alyssa Gonzalez – Ottawa, ON

Sensual Massage as Sensory Play

Alyssa Gonzalez has a doctorate in biology, but got the skills on display here by honing them firsthand over years. Ask her about her blog and that time she wrote a love story about helicopter drones.

Bootblackgirl Susy – Toronto, ON

Bootblacking 101: Steps to a Spit Shine

Bootblackgirl Susy, Central Canada Community Bootblack CCCB 2014, loves boots and leather and loves to see them shine. Susy began blacking in 2008. After winning Church Street Fetish Fair Bootblack 2009 she began educating folks about the joys of bootblacking. It is important to her that everyone feels comfortable, confident and welcome in the world of leather. Susy sat on the RE:Boot organizing committee in 2011. This event brought bootblacks across North America together to discuss, network and skill share. She was a judge for the Great Lakes Bootblack Competition 2012 and has helped to raise thousands of dollars for numerous charities through bootblacking. Shining is in Susy’s blood and in her sole.

Carly – Toronto, ON

Putting Kink to Work: Using BDSM Skills to Challenge Racism In and Out of the Dungeon

Carly is a genderqueer femme bottom and a white settler. They’re a feelings witch and facilitator by trade, and organize with the newly formed Toronto chapter of SURJ, mobilizing white folks in the fight for racial justice.


darkestembrace – Toronto, ON

Crazy/Crippled and Kinky: Strategies for the Deviant and Disabled/Neurodiverse

darkestembrace is a queer, fat, neurodivergent kinkster with chronic pain who’s been involved in community organizing in the Toronto community for 10 years. They also work in education and spend a lot of time learning and teaching people about mental health, particularly in youth.


Eroca Nicols – Toronto, ON

Aggressive Snuggling: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Consent

Eroca Nicols is an international performance art and body nerd. Her alter ego and company, Lady Janitor, combs the globe looking for places to incite radical moments of art chaos, consume massive amounts of coffee, wear amazing unisuits and confer with movers and thinkers of all varieties. Her teaching, dancing and training are deeply influenced in her continued study of ritual, biomechanics and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Hannah – Montreal, QC

Putting Kink to Work: Using BDSM Skills to Challenge Racism In and Out of the Dungeon

Hannah is a mad leatherfemme switch, white settler, and body witch whose background includes a decade of community support work, mad pride/liberatory approaches to mental health, writing around queer family and lineage, and ongoing engagement with the relationships between systemic oppression, trauma and embodiment.


Jacky – Tio’tia:ke (Montreal, QC)

Too Nasty for Fetlife: A Facilitated Discussion on Rape Play

Jacky lives in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal), in unceded Kanien’kehá:ka and Anishnaabe homeland. Rape play is one of their biggest kinks, along with humiliation and exhibitionism, in both D and s modes. They don’t have as much rape play experience as they would like but they sure have spent a heck of a lot of time thinking and talking about it! And there is that small matter of being a rape and sexual assault survivor. Don’t be scared by their kinks—they are *cough cough* gentle as a cool breeze on a hot summer day.


Karine – Montreal, QC

BIPOC Caucus

Based in Tiohtià:ke (Montréal), Karine is a black queer fat femme. Involved in queer, feminist, kinky and/or QTBIPOC communities, she’s trying to make her communities better for all. By day, she is a community organizer, activist and non-profit professional. She also identifies as a francophone, a domme and a lover of all that sparkles.


Kota – Montreal, QC

Putting Kink to Work: Using BDSM Skills to Challenge Racism In and Out of the Dungeon

Kota is a white settler of mostly British and German descent. They were raised in Treaty 4 territory (Regina) and have been making home in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal) for the last 10 years. Kota is also a queer, gender-fluid top with many years of experience as a facilitator, community worker and support person.


Linda – Montreal, QC

BIPOC Caucus

Linda is a mad queer femme POC sex working drug using domme bossy pants who nevertheless plays well with others. She is a community organizer based in Toronto and looking to further develop and nurture queer kink community. She will never get over fierce femmes.


Masti Khor – Toronto, ON

BIPOC Caucus

Masti Khor is a crip South Asian genderqueer femme switch artist who has been yearning for QTBIPOC kink community, and so is making it happen. Masti has facilitated many conversations and workshops on race, disability, class and gender.


Mimi Monstroe – Berlin, Germany

Role Play: Find Your Storyline!

Mimi Monstroe, 37, is a Berlin-based activist, community organizer, performer, teacher and coordinator of a local WLT*I* sports club. She is in two committed open relationships and is a mom as well as a switch with a passion for role play and age play. Mimi has taught workshops on co-topping, role play, confusion and frustration as topping tools, sex activism, safer sex, drag, and poly life. She is white and cisgender leaning toward gender-fluid.


MsCharlie – Toronto, ON

Caning for Beginners

MsCharlie is a Femme Daddy with a big heart and a busy schedule. She is a seasoned trainer and facilitator and she delights in perverting her professional skills to transfer them to the wonderful world of kink. She has been using the cane in her scenes from her early years of play as canes make pretty patterns and, well, she really likes to make pretty patterns! MsCharlie’s sweetly twisted mind and her warm and engaging presence make her workshops both fun and memorable.


Ness – Ottawa, ON

Rope 1-oh-whatever: When All You Want to Do Is Tie

Ness is a Black, queer, poly, non-binary introvert nerd living with chronic illnesses who has been a sex educator since 2012. After they discovered rope early in their kink journey, it quickly became one of their primary passions. In addition to teaching, Ness co-organizes rope practices, workshops and intensives. They have also performed at rope exhibitions in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Ness is passionate about making kink spaces safe(r), ranting on the internet, and expanding their body of knowledge by learning All The Things™.

Parul – Toronto, ON

Self-Care for Kinky Folks

Parul is a queer, non-monogamous person of colour who started discovering the kink and then later Leather community starting from 2007. She enjoys power exchange (mostly from the side of submission), pain and service. Parul has been in love with the community that exists in and around Unholy Harvest since she started coming here in 2008. She has been proud to volunteer at both Harvest and Toronto Leather Pride over the years. She is happy to call Toronto home, even though she was not born here.

Ten– Toronto, ON

Building Great Play: Negotiation Skills for Kink

Ten is a polyamorous, queer, sadomasochistic bottom-top-switch with a passion for discussions on active, engaged bottoming, gender, communication, self-awareness and consent. They are sometimes intense, analytically engaged, and dedicated to learning and unlearning through an anti-oppressive lens. Ten’s path into kink has been via rope bondage, where they created Coil, a travelling event that provides a space for people who bottom to freely share their skills and knowledge. They have taught at Bound in Boston XX, Bondage Expo Dallas 2016, Shibaricon 2015 and other events. They are always excited to make new connections and expand their skill tree.

Redrobin – Vancouver, BC

It Was Knife Knowing You!

Queer. Kinkster. Nerd. Slut. Educator. Feminist. Activist. Redrobin is a Vancouver-based international alternative sexuality educator (she/her). She’s been involved in her local kink community for over nine years and has been teaching for nearly four. She was formerly vice-president of Metro Vancouver Kink and organizer of a queer and trans event called The Rainbow Connection. Her background in nursing has fueled her passion for the human body and mind. She favours rough body play, knives, breath play and just about anything that involves growling or giggling!

Sarah Pie – Toronto, ON

Fucking Intents (or, Love Under Will)

Sarah Pie is a Toronto-based leatherdyke who has identified as kinky for more than 20 years. She’s picked up a few hot tricks and hard-earned wisdom along the way and loves to share them as a mentor and educator. She is coming to realize that learning from and about the discourse between perverts will be a lifelong exploration. She is honoured to be a member of the Vajra and Mama’s leather families.

Shaide – Dish With One Spoon Territory; Occupied Anishinawbek, Neutral and Haudenosaunee territory (Haldimand Tract, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON)

Powerful Skills for Power Bottoming

Shaide is an empathic switch and power-bottom. She is a self-defence instructor and gives special attention to bodily safety and emotional comfort in their workshop spaces, while striving to remove barriers to participation for the people present. This creature works daily with breath, fire, water and herbal medicines. With intention.

Sir Femme – Toronto, ON

Writing Kink

Sir Femme is a feisty genderqueer femme Jewish S/Witch survivor, gardener, writer and performer, involved with queer BDSM communities in San Francisco, Minneapolis and Toronto since 1999. S/he has read and performed with Swell: Queer Erotic Readings at Naked Heart – The LGBTQ Festival of Words, Heels on Wheels Roadshow, Body Heat Porn Tour and Sins Invalid. S/he is published in the anthology Glitter & Grit: Queer Performance from the Heels on Wheels Femme Galaxy. Sir Femme has been facilitating creative writing workshops since 2010.

Squeaktoy – Deep River, ON

The Languages of Love in the Dungeon

Squeaktoy is a former academic who enjoys exploring the space where the BDSM and non-BDSM worlds touch. She has previously presented at Spring Fling and Playground.


Tania – Montreal, QC

Impact Play: Bare Hands and Kicks

Tania is a 100-pound impact top who’s had the luck to smack wonderful people over the years. She’s studied mime and gymnastics. Using footwork from the former and systematic build-up from the latter, she has come up with easy, effective ways to hit people into happiness.

Tormenta – Toronto, ON

Building Great Play: Negotiation Skills for Kink

Tormenta is a queer switch who was drawn to kink community by power exchange in 1999, and stayed for the smart, compassionate people and great relationships. She has been teaching on negotiation skills, risk, and the intersections of movement and kink since 2012, and she volunteers with Consent Rocks, a harm reduction group working to make Leather and kink scenes safer. She loves rough body play, boots and tickling, sometimes does Kung Fu, and spins things that are on fire.

Youkali Youkali – Peterborough, ON

WIITWN (What It Is That We Need)—The S-Type Edition

Youkali Youkali (Ms. Leather Toronto 2013) is a literature professor, creative scholar, kinky science-fiction writer and girly leatherdyke. Born and raised in Montreal, she has been happily living in the GTA for two decades. You may have met her at various Canadian and international leather events (An Unholy Harvest, Spring Fling, Queering Power, International Ms. Leather). She has given talks and facilitated workshops on topics including pain, language and play, and erotic writing, and she has also been known to enthusiastically volunteer as a demo bottom.