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AN UNHOLY HARVEST: Ottawa, Ontario, October 7-10, 2011


Elaborately tied hands behind head Les descriptions d'ateliers seront disponibles en français à l'événement. Si vous voulez les voir à l'avance, envoyez-nous un courriel à l'adresse suivante:

Beyond Duality: Troubleshooting Switch Dynamics – Anika Bergstrom

Switch dynamics can really keep you on your toes. That’s part of what we like about them, isn’t it? It’s great to have a broad range of things that you can enjoy, but how do you get all of those needs and interests sorted out with partner(s) and playmate(s)? What about ongoing dynamics? It might seem easier to pair up with other switches, but that can be complicated, too. Come share your experiences and hopefully pick up some useful tips in the process. We’ll talk about negotiation, timing, transitions, and how to build ongoing clarity around who’s who and what’s happening when and how. All levels of experience are welcome.

Bootblacking: The Filth, the Friction and the Fun – Tarna

Are you curious to see how bootblacking can be fun and sexy? Is there anything you’ve always wondered about in the realm of bootblacking but have never been able to figure out? Interested in taking bootblacking and leather care to a more service-based level? Do you have a problem with a pair of boots or shoes or a garment that you’d like help navigating? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or have some of your own, this is definitely the workshop/facilitated discussion for you. This is for the experienced and curious alike, with a focus on the fun, service-oriented and sexy aspects of bootblacking, as well as the technical. Bring your kits, or items about which you have questions, and most importantly bring your imaginations and curiosity.

Cock Confidence – Sinclair Sexsmith

Many of us have experience with strapping on, packing, and playing, but there are lots of new products out there on the market that might be exciting and that you haven’t encountered yet. Writer and sex educator Sinclair Sexsmith talks about what cocks are good for packing, what options are out there for pack-and-play, which harnesses are the most loved, and which to avoid. Plus, we’ll delve into some cock confidence, getting into the psychology of penetration, and discussing what it’s like to shoot from the hip. Come get the nuts and bolts of strapping it on and fucking. You’ll learn about positions and lube, how different products work, what “cock confidence” means, and the psychology behind strapping on and playing with a cock with a partner, or with oneself.

Energetic Systems of the Body – Luna Allison

So much of what we do in the BDSM world is about energy, but most of us hardly know anything about the energetic systems of the body, including the chakras, the vayus and the nadis. Come and explore what they are, how they function, the effects they have on the body and how to activate, manage or elevate them using a variety of breathing and meditation techniques! The more we know about the energetic systems, the more we are able to manage the relatively unpredictable responses of the body that can happen in scenes. The techniques I’m going to teach, in particular, are good tools to have in your toolkit for things like fainting, overheating, emotional triggers or nausea. It’s also possible to elevate or encourage a certain thing (like ejaculation) by stimulating a certain energetic pathway.

Death, Mourning and Transformation in the Context of BDSM - Anna Peak

Death is life changing. When someone close to us dies, our own lives are not the same anymore. How can we use BDSM techniques to deal with loss and to welcome transformation? This workshop is split into two parts. In the first half, we will use creative tools like poetry and drawing to focus on the present situation. In the second half, we will reflect and tell each other stories of how we have or have not connected our kinky selves with the reality of death. The workshop is open to anyone who knows what it is like when someone close has died; however, we will not be discussing the basics of BDSM.

Deep Bottoming: Going Deeper and Taking More – Cheryl Stewart

Wherever you are as a bottom, whatever you already do, this workshop is designed to give you tools to go further. We’ll be sharing techniques for, and having discussions about, going deeper and taking more. This is never a contest—it’s about personal growth. We’ll explore three things that can help take us to heightened, transcendent states: creating a safe space, creating an environment of personal responsibility and respect, and breathing and body awareness techniques. This approach facilitates ecstasy and transcendence by allowing us to safely submerge ourselves in the consuming erotic experience. An intermediate/advanced workshop for those who are already active bottoms.

Dominance 201 – Ms. Charlie

Whether you have little or a lot of experience as a dominant, if you are interested in challenging conversations around domination, you will want to join into this conversation! This is a continuation on last year’s Power In Balance workshop. You’re broken up into small groups, and are given cards with scenarios. Your job is to come up ideas for with solutions to report back to the other groups at the end in a facilitated discussion. The scenarios are challenging and interesting as they require you to listen to how other dominants would deal with these situations and to put into words your strategies and the reasoning for your choices. Hopefully, you’ll walk away with you head, heart and crotch filled with a lot of new ideas and perspectives!

D/s and Technology – Shorty Laroc

Technology can be an ideal tool for BDSM relationships, whether you want to strengthen your long- distance D/s dynamic or keep the fire hot when one partner is away—and maybe even if you live in the same city, but don't want to leave your house! From hot texting to written chat and from emails to Skype, this workshop will discuss the merits of technology in creating deeper connections in BDSM relationships. You’ll come out with tons of new ideas for technology-based play, whether you’re unsure about using new technologies or you’re a seasoned technology player looking for a few new tricks and tips.

Electrified! The Erotic Edge of Violet Wands – Lolix

Sometimes we want our toys to be more than erotically charged… and this is where plugging into an electrical outlet can come in handy. In this 101 workshop on violet wands you’ll learn basic things like: What is a violet wand and how does it work? Why is it that pretty colour and what’s that funny smell? We’ll covers questions around safety such as: Am I playing with an ultraviolet ray? Can I set fire to my bottom/sub? Where should I not use the wand? On the more theoretical side, the workshop hopes to spark discussion on the aesthetics of conductivity within power play.

Exploring Erotic Mind Control – Linda aka Mind Mistress

Pavlov rings a bell and the dog salivates. How would you like being able to make your partner orgasm every time you ring your special bell? Or get very horny when you say a special word? Or get very submissive whenever you pinch their nipple? Or believe they’re someone else? Erotic Mind Control offers a range of sexy toys to use in pleasurably playing with people’s heads, with consent or “consensual non-consent,” such as conditioning, hypnosis and role play. Some of them can even be learned in under an hour! Come discover how you too can look deep into my eyes, you are falling under my spell...

Face Play: A Heady Experience – Virilia Crush

This workshop will cover the basic and intermediate aspects of playing with the face and head. This will include the negotiation, safety considerations and creative work that make playing above the torso unique and intense. There will be demonstration and discussion about massage and acupressure, sensation play and sensory deprivation, hitting, slapping, punching, piercing, orifice play (with basic breath work), and even bondage, gags and other equipment to explore. Come with your questions and experiences to share, and feel free to attend on your own or with a play friend.

Flow in BDSM: How to Hit that Psychological Sweet Spot – Kink In Motion (Kim)

Ever have a scene where time stands still, your focus narrows to nothing but you and your partner, you feel both exhilarated and at peace, somehow connected to something larger and greater than yourself? Where everything just “flowed” perfectly? Flow is that mental state of complete immersion in a feeling of energized focus and total involvement. Emotions are not just contained but channeled, energized, and aligned with the task at hand so that the self falls away and the merging of action and awareness is attained. In this workshop we will explore the science, psychology and mechanisms behind the flow state and how you can learn to actively cultivate achieving flow in a scene.

How to Talk Dirty in French – youkali

This workshop will be part presentation and part group discussion. We’ll explore how partners can use sexy language in French, in terms of both word choice and primary and secondary word meanings. We’ll also go over a few mistakes and communication snafus that can arise when two people with different first languages try to play together. In the middle of the workshop, there will be a short demo to illustrate the pleasures of playing with various... tongues! If you’d like to boost your knowledge of sexy French, this is the workshop for you. We’ll be using both French and English, so there’s no need to be bilingual in order to attend and enjoy!

Mindfulness in Service and Sensation – Bennett, Nathan and mitch

Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way, with intention in the moment. Explore mindfulness through an experiential workshop and see where and how mindfulness might be helpful within the context of service and sensation. Choose the service, be it drink and food, boots, opening doors... whatever. Choose the sensation. Choose your partner(s). We will then lead you through meditations while you give or receive service, and while you give or receive sensation. Three voices will gently nudge your focus, your thoughts, and your awareness of smell, touch, sound, taste sight and energy. No previous meditation experience needed. Explore the possibilities of deepening connection through heightened awareness and focus.

Mindfucks: Fears, Tears and Fun! – T’Hayla Ferguson

Trust. It’s all about trust, right? What if you want to take your playmate to the very edge of their sense of safety and then dangle them over an abyss of hellish fear and thrilling danger, all without leaving the dungeon? You want to intentionally fuck with or manipulate your playmate’s beliefs or assumptions about their safety or the nature of your intentions. You want to take them off their centre, sweating and whimpering, uncertain and yet wickedly turned on. Let’s talk about mindfucks... we might even share a few.

Rope Bondage for the Attention-Impaired – Robin

Are you frustrated with trying to reproduce a complex tie from books or websites? Do your subs fall asleep while you are tying a tortoiseshell harness? Not into harnesses, but interested rope? In this hands-on workshop with a focus on quick, easy column ties, we’ll explore how rope can be more than long, complex body harnesses. Bring rope if you have some (but there will be some on hand).

Submission Grappling – L. Shane

Submission grappling—it’s about survival and control. Delicious! In this workshop, we will explore some of the fundamental strategies and physical techniques to attain control or avoid submission. These strategies and techniques include: leverage, feeling, timing, mounts, escapes, holds and controls. There will be a demonstration and an opportunity for participants to practice. These skills can be easily integrated into a playful frolic or for actual self defense!

Unleashing Your Inner Canine: An Introduction to Puppy Play – Luca a.k.a. pepper the puppy

Do you harbour inner urges to play on all fours with other dogs, chase chew-toys or howl at the moon? Or perhaps you like the idea of turning off your human brain and operating on primal animal instinct? Are you excited by the D/s possibilities of being at either end of a dog leash? Come and explore the wonderful world of puppy play in this introductory workshop, where we will cover aspects of this increasingly popular form of play. Discussion points will include puppy psychology and headspace, communication among pups and puppy behaviour (including puppy moshes), puppy training, the Owner / puppy power exchange dynamic, dogs vs. puppies (and other canine roles), and examples of public vs. private puppy play scenes. We’ll also look at movement and the restrictions of a human body, puppy gear, puppy play vs. zoophilia, and further resources.

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