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AN UNHOLY HARVEST: Ottawa, Ontario, October 7-10, 2011

Call for Presenters

Crotch grabUPDATE: The presentation proposal deadline for 2012 has passed. Read on if you want to learn about our proposal process and get some inspiration to start thinking about what you might like to teach in 2013!

Are you a Canadian leatherdyke or trans person with a kinky skill you’d like to share, a BDSM concept you’d like to teach or a great idea for a leather panel you’d like to speak on? An Unholy Harvest takes place every Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto, Canada and we want you to teach! We are very much open to hearing your ideas. Also, we’re very supportive of first-time presenters… don’t be shy to inquire if you need help. Just send us a note at or mention it in your presentation proposal form when you submit it.

Past topics have included stapling and suturing, M/s and D/s relationships, anal fisting, BDSM and spirituality, pain enjoyment techniques, fire play, kink in the academy, rape fantasy play, switch dynamics, BDSM and disability, sex magick, DIY SM porn, and more!

If you’d like to present at An Unholy Harvest, simply fill out the Presentation Proposal form when we put it online in late spring. (You can take a look at the form here.) Make sure you submit your proposal by July 31. We’ll inform you of our final selections by August 10.

Workshop slots are 90 minutes long and may include demos. Visual aids (film projector, whiteboard, etc.) and dungeon equipment are available but must be reserved ahead.

Please note that while presenters from outside Canada are welcome to submit proposals, we will give first priority to Canadian presenters. We especially encourage submissions from residents of the Prairies, the Atlantic provinces and the Territories.

Just to get your ideas flowing, here’s a wish list of the topics we’d love to see. If you, or someone you know, are qualified to teach or lead a discussion on one of these topics, send in a proposal!

  • Caning
  • Edge play, terror and taboo
  • Spirituality, sexuality and body modification: what do our permanent chosen marks mean to us, and why?
  • Creative clamping
  • Concept of risk: What is it? How do we evaluate it? How much is okay? How do we reduce it, or even increase it, consciously and for pleasurable purpose?
  • Fetish: What’s a fetish, really? What do you do with it? How does it intersect with other kinks such as sensation play and power, if at all?
  • Protocol in D/s relationships
  • Erotic wrestling
  • Foot sex: foot care, foot worship, foot fucking (not just your average pedicure workshop)

Note that An Unholy Harvest is a community-oriented, community-sourced event. We appreciate the many fantastic, experienced presenters who share their knowledge with us, and we encourage fresh, new viewpoints as well. We believe that a strong conference—and a strong community—happen when there’s plenty of room for both! You can participate by sharing your experience and expertise... by holding space for a group of people to skill-share around a common interest... or by simply asking really good questions and facilitating meaty discussion. Harvest is not a place where a celebrity culture is encouraged, so you don’t have to be “kink-famous” to present a workshop with us, and we don’t bring in keynote speakers. Also, we’re a 100% volunteer-run and not-for-profit event; our volunteer presenters are entitled to the same discount as other volunteers, but receive no other compensation.

An Unholy Harvest extends its sincerest thanks to our 2012 sponsors!

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