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AN UNHOLY HARVEST: Ottawa, Ontario, October 7-10, 2011

Community links

Dragging by the neckAn Unholy Harvest may be Canada’s only annual leatherdyke event, but we’re not alone in the world. If you’re keen to connect with Canadian community, check out Spring Fling/Malménage du Printemps, the annual one-day Ottawa/Montreal event that marks the halfway mark between Harvests, and Canadian Mayhem, the Vancouver leatherdyke conference coming in the spring of 2013; and the SheDogs bathhouse events (Halifax). You might also be interested in local groups: the Unholy Army of the Night (Montreal), Hull-Ottawa Women of Leather (HOWL), Atlantic Women of Leather (AWOL), the Toronto LeatherGrrlz (e-mail the list owner at TorontoLeatherGrrlz-subscribe at yahoogroups dot com), or Canadian Mayhem and NubianImp events (Vancouver) which include bathhouses, play parties and more.

If you’re interested in connecting with like-minded folks in the States or elsewhere in the world, check out this list of other groups and events kindly put together by the fine folks over at International Ms. Leather. We can’t guarantee that these lists are complete... but they sure are huge! Throbbing, even!

Note that not every group and event has the same kind of policies as Harvest, particularly when it comes to the inclusion of trans people, accessibility (financial and physical), and other elements, so make sure to check out each individual group or event for yourself.



An Unholy Harvest extends its sincerest thanks to our 2012 sponsors!

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