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AN UNHOLY HARVEST: Ottawa, Ontario, October 7-10, 2011


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Advanced Flogging Techniques – Victoria Windsor

Flick! Thud! Punch! Three things you can do with a flogger. Each more exciting than the last, and each as challenging as the first. Ever desire to go beyond the simple figure-8 you first learned? Then this workshop will teach you how to tease your bottom and keep them guessing at what’s to come next... a tickle... a stroke... soft... hard? Who knew you had all these mad skills?! From a whip enthusiast comes the training to move outside your comfort zone. Bring your floggers, all types! And be prepared to build those arm muscles!

Bondage for Bottoms – Linz

Ever crave the quiet, meditative state that deep bondage can give you? Trouble finding a top that finds that interesting? Or maybe there are two of you who would both rather be on the bottom of an intense bondage scene. Come discover secrets, tips and tricks to getting the bondage fun without someone feeling left out. This workshop will cover the safety, sexy, technical, practical and emotional aspects of restricting your own movements. Come prepared to open your mind to a world of possibilities where bottoms can play with other bottoms and everyone can leave feeling satisfied. Tops are, of course, welcome to come and play too.

Control – T’Hayla Ferguson

Why is control like an elixir beyond description for some who crave to solicit and sustain control over the ones they love? Why is it that despite the fact that control can be so very difficult to surrender—whether it be for a moment or for their entire lives—when someone is able to give the one they trust dominion over them it can create such peace joyful and boundless erotic adventure in their lives? Control: how do we create it? How do we sustain it? And why does it make some of us so damn happy to take and to give? Come discuss and explore the eroticism of control, philosophies of control, and ways to play with control in scenes and in life.

Cultivating Entitlement: Receiving Service with Grace and Confidence – Amazon Syren

Finding one’s feet as a Domme is hard, and frequently the learning curve involved therein is left under-addressed or unaddressed despite the reality that most of us have some (or a lot of) social conditioning to overcome. Additionally, the process of unlearning all that “nice girls don’t” stuff is made more difficult because it’s frequently undertaken “on the job” while engaged in an evolving D/s dynamic.
This discussion will give participants a chance to share their stories and learn from each other while addressing questions such as: What unspoken rules did I assume were in place when I started receiving service, and how did they affect me? What worked for me when it came to learning how to be The Boss? What didn’t? And how do I navigate this path when I’m making up the map as I go along?

Energetic Signals and Non-Verbal Communication in Kink – Luna Allison

Some say that you’re born with the capacities to send and receive clear energetic signals (i.e.: psychics), but I disagree. Reading or broadcasting particular messages is all about attunement. It just takes practice, connection and presence so that we can listen and learn. The word “energy” is over-used and inexact, but it works as a broad term that encompasses the great variety of things that are exchanged on the non-verbal level in scenes and dynamics. It denotes subtle but palpable things like intention, attraction, submission, dominance, resistance, desire, consent, beginnings, endings, emotion—and shifts in all of the above. During this workshop, we’ll do some role-playing, partner work and hands-on exercises designed to develop non-verbal listening skills and energetic fluency—both of which come in very handy for scenes and dynamics. You may want to bring a pen and notebook, as well as an exercise mat or blanket. If you'd like to attend but doing exercises with a relative stranger makes you uncomfortable, please come with a partner or friend.

Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Kink and Accessibility for Chubby, Fat, Plump or Otherwise Rotund Folks – Frenchie

This presentation will look at concepts of the fat movement in the queer community (and at large) as well as its impact in the kink community. It will also discuss accessibility issues surrounding clothing, apparatuses, toys, community and the lack of availability of fat-sized kink merchandise. The presentation will also include DIY alternatives as well as tips and tricks to fuck/play/flirt with a fat person. It will also offer tips for allies (non-fat people). A few exercises will round out the presentation followed by a facilitated discussion, time permitting.

Female Genitorture – Dana Shaw (aka Black Orchid)

What better way to keep someone bouncing between heaven and hell than a healthy dose of genitorture? Discover a wide variety of creative pleasures and pains that can be inflicted on female genitals. Some examples: abrasion, clamping, pinching, impact, temperature changes, figging, piercing, suturing, fisting, pulling, erotic embarrassment and “flavour” play. You are encouraged to bring your favourite genitorture devices to share with the group! Physical and psychological safety considerations will be discussed. The workshop will focus on play with factory-issue female-typical genitals, but trans folks are of course welcome to attend and contribute their knowledge.

High Tea and Low Morals: The Whats, Whys and Hows of English Tea Service – Liz Wilson

English tea is a beverage, an institution, and an ideal way to provide (inconspicuous or explicit) service in a D/s relationship. This workshop will teach you the basics of tea and how to make a proper pot of tea, and then we’ll discuss ways to integrate this form of service into our relationships. Tea will be served!

Humiliation and Degradation Play – Jacky

Do you get hard and wet at the idea of inflicting or submitting to acts of humiliation and degradation? Do some of your most intense orgasms happen when you feel or inflict feelings of shame, worthlessness or dehumanization? Join us for a facilitated (and hot!) discussion about the various ways that kinksters experience humiliation and degradation, what exactly turns us on about these kinds of play and why some of us desire, crave or need to receive or give various levels of humiliation or degradation. The discussion will go in the direction desired by the participants but some broad questions will be suggested to get things going. Participants are welcome to share erotica, fantasies or real-life stories involving humiliation and degradation scenarios to stimulate... uhhhhhh... discussion.

Kinky ASL (Back and Kinkier than Ever!) – Dexter

This is a workshop to learn basic kinky signs in American Sign Language (ASL). It is geared toward any levels of signers who have interest in learning how to convey kinky concepts using ASL. Signing provides another way to communicate both in a play scene and outside of a scene. We’ll also discuss some basic signs to welcome Deaf people who use ASL to your kinky events. Questions on how to sign a particular concept are encouraged and welcomed at this workshop. For those who attended this workshop last year, Dexter has been learning new things at Deaf leather workshops in the last year and will be sharing a whole new range of signs this time around!

Kinky Type Indicator – Mackenzie

Have you ever wondered how personality plays into what we do in our kinky lives? Does it influence how we communicate, negotiate, and process the deliciously perverted activities we engage in? Just as everyone has a different physical appearance, so we also have differently shaped personalities. Using a simple personality style inventory and a facilitator-led self-assessment exercise, participants will determine their personality type and explore how it impacts the way in which we relate to ourselves and others. Once type has been established, participants will explore how individual traits might impact how we go about activities such as scene negotiation, aftercare, and the issuing and execution of directives.

Micro-Branding Through Cell Popping – Ms. Virilia Crush

This skill-building presentation will give you the information and observation needed to safely micro-brand. Topics that will be covered include a short historical context for micro-branding, physiology of skin, creating a safer environment for this technique, negotiating, acquisition and discernment of tools, psychological and physical responses to burns, design choices, and factors that influence the healing and long-term visibility of branding. You will have an opportunity to examine tools, witness brandings on individuals that have had them for different periods of time, and see a live demonstration. You may also try to use the equipment yourself on a prepared volunteer (TBC).

A Pinch and a Punch: Giving Pain with Your Hands and Feet – Hockney

“A pinch and a punch for the first of the month. A slap and a kick for being so quick.” (Traditional folk saying) Forgotten your playbag? Want to play but can’t afford expensive toys? This workshop is the answer! Hockney will demonstrate various rough body play techniques for pinching, punching, slapping and kicking. You’ll have the chance to try them out too. No fancy equipment necessary! This is a very practical workshop so be prepared to join in. It’s not necessary to have a partner as we can pair people up in the workshop. In addition, the workshop will address physical safety issues around rough body play as well as some of the emotional and cultural issues surrounding this kind of violent play.

The Power of Anticipation – Jenn Jenkins

In a workshop specially planned for Unholy Harvest, Jenn will present and share on her experiences with the power of anticipation in service-based relationship dynamics. Building on those experiences and related theories, she will lead a discussion regarding anticipatory service, how it differs from other forms of service, and ways to improve the service interaction by predicting needs and acting on them. Jenn’s personal service experience has varied and has certainly been less than thrilling in many of her earlier relationships. Building on failed attempts and tales of growth, she will share how she came into an incredible mentorship that not only ignited the service spark within her, but developed a passion to anticipate. Interaction is encouraged, laughs are expected, and a good time will be had by all who attend!

Power in Balance – Charlie

If you identify as a dominant or as a switch, you will want to join into this conversation! Where does our role start and where does it end? What is the breadth of our influence? How do we shape our submissives? How do they shape us? How do we communicate what we want and need? What do they seek? What do we seek? What is healthy for them and for us? How do we manage our vulnerabilities? What standards do we hold ourselves to? Using reflective questions and fictional scenarios as points of discussion, we’ll explore these topics. You’ll likely walk away with your head, heart and crotch filled with delicious options, creative ideas and thriving potentials! Although this is not a 101-level discussion, everyone is welcome to attend.

Sanguine: Needles, Flesh and Blood – Ingrid

Do you flag maroon? Do you engage in hematolagnia? Does the sight of blood trickling on flesh initiate a sexy shiver? What do you want to know about playing with needles? This presentation is intended as a mid-to-advanced needle and blood play symposium, an opportunity to both demonstrate some needle play, and to share tips and tricks. Topics include but are not limited to: needle-pulling, decorative needle play, needle stacking, and “needle slut” play. Bring your favourite needle play stories and suggestions, wicked S/m tales of bloodlust are encouraged and appreciated.

Submission Grappling – Anna Harris

Submission grappling: it’s about survival and control. Delicious! In this workshop, we will explore some of the fundamental strategies and physical techniques to attain control or avoid submission. These strategies and techniques include: leverage, feeling, timing, mounts, escapes, holds and controls. There will be a demonstration and an opportunity for participants to practice.

Supercharge Your Role-Play! – Linda aka Mind Mistress

Let’s get your creative juices flowing! Do you need a hand starting role-play scenes, or want to boost the one that’s getting stale? We’ll discuss methods for designing steamy fantasy scenes and how to get into your character’s skin. Then, discover how to apply erotic mind control techniques to intensify your partner’s fear, arousal, submission or pleasure. WARNING: You don’t have to be a brainy sex fiend to enjoy this workshop, but it helps!


Lunchtime Presentations

Tattooed Ladies, Fat Ladies and Cooch Dancers: The Women of the Sideshow – Stella
Special Saturday lunchtime presentation 12-1 p.m.!

This slideshow presentation traces the history of some of the women who performed in circus freak shows to explore their relevance to today’s cultural producers both inside and outside circus and sideshow settings. By examining the deliberately gendered performances of fat ladies, bearded ladies, cooch dancers, tattooed ladies, and snake charmers we can see their legacy in burlesque dancers, strippers, sex workers, fat activist performers, modern-day circus performers, as well as in the aesthetics and practices of today’s kink communities. We will also talk about gender as it intersects with ability, class, orientation, and race. A heavily visual presentation giving some historical background and terminology will be followed by an interactive discussion exploring these links.

The Personal, the Political and the Professional: Sex Workers Speak – Kay Dundas, Victoria Windsor, Linda MindMistress and Leslie Robertson
Special Sunday lunchtime panel 12-1 p.m.!

Join us for a stimulating panel bringing together sex workers of various stripes who are also involved in the kink/leather/BDSM community—or perhaps we should say, pervy queer Harvesters of various stripes who also do sex work. Some are pro-dommes, some do GFE work, some do sex work in other ways, some are now out of the business but not shy to talk about it. They’ll be speaking about things such as the intersection (if any) of their personal kink/leather identity and their chosen profession, and they’ll also discuss the politics of sex work, reflecting for instance on the current high-profile legal cases about sex work in Canada. They’ll be joined by Leslie Robertson, a lawyer with Galldin Law, a feminist legal practice that’s currently working on a case pitting sex workers against the Ottawa police. You definitely don’t want to miss this chance to hear from some of the awesome sex workers in our community!

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